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Грижовен дом

23 август 2012

Това е част от историята за Карин Дом, публикувана в списание Vagabond (брой 69). Чудесната статия е написана от Димана Трънкова.

Можете да прочетете цялата статия за Карин Дом тук (на английски език)

„Mornings in the Karin Dom Centre in Varna are like mornings in every other kindergarten or primary school. Parents and grandparents bring in their children and grandchildren. Teachers greet them. Jackets and coats are hung on the racks, each under its little owner’s name. 

However, neither the children nor the Karin Dom are in any way ordinary. Every one of the 30 or so children who visit the centre every day was born with a disability that prevents them from attending a mainstream nursery or primary school. 

Since its opening in 1996, the centre has been providing daily care for children with special needs – as a policy, stigmatising terms like „invalids“ are a no-no – and their parents. The majority of the children are from Varna and its environs, but there are also some from other parts of Bulgaria and a few from abroad.“

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