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Montessori Club for all children aged 2 to 5

Karin Dom Center has adopted the Montessori Method and has been using it since 2001. Confident in the effectiveness of the method, we started a Montessori Club which opened in 2011 and welcomes all children between 2 to 5 years old. This period in the children’s development is of great importance because the ability to remember and master new skills is at it’s peek and children learn to work for their own gratification and on what is interesting and exciting for them. The goal is for each child to achieve independence through development.

Our Montessori Club offers half-day and full-day attendance. In addition to the well-organized Montessori environment and the original materials, the children go on nature walks in our garden where you can find a variety of flowers, plants and herbs that the children get to know by playing in fresh air. Strategically located in the Sea Garden of Varna, the Karin Dom house provides natural and calm environment in which your children can play freely among nature.

All parents who are interested in enrolling their children in our Montessori Club, are welcome to visit us and to get to know the environment and the conditions.

For more information, please feel free to contact us by phone: +358 879 214 765.

More about the Montessori Method

Every child can discover its best talent in a natural way, its calling and to unfold its potential because there is no person, born on this planet, without at least one talent. If we watch each child, we will see that the it is searching for the most natural, most logical, often the shortest path or way of dealing with the everyday challenges. If we create suitable environment in for the child to search on its own the best way or play, the child develops confidence, it has the freedom to choose, to learn discipline, respect for others. The child is at ease that its opinion and wishes are important and will be respected by us, the adults. And by giving freedom to the children, we put trust in them. This the way of raising confident, free, tolerating people.

The roles of parent and teacher is to carefully observe and, if possible, to prefect the learning environment, according to the needs of the observed child.

The Montessori Method requires more attention, observation and focus, meaning more responsibilities and care. But not in direction of imposing a kind of values and models of behavior but in direction of tolerance for every child’s difference, tolerance for the child’s natural striving for freedom and care through respecting the its choices. And only in direction of improving the conditions and safety of the most suitable for the child’s environment.