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Invitation to a Training: Creating Supportive Learning Environment, 2021, February 4-5

26 January 2021

Karin Dom has the pleasure to invite you to a training on the topic: “Establishment of supportive learning environment for children and students with special needs. Structuring and visualization of the environment”, 1st part.

Program approved by the Minister of Education and Science with Order: RD09-1483 from 09.07.2020

Duration of the 1st part: 16 hours, 1 qualification credit

Period of implementation: February 4-5, 2021

  • February 4, Thursday, 13:00-17:00
  • February 5, Friday, 8:30-12:30

Form of implementation: Partially present. Attendance online on the ZOOM platform and assignment from distance.

Short description: Theoretical and practical program. The program familiarizes with the philosophy of the supportive environment. It provides knowledge, competencies, and practical skills for the establishment of a supportive inclusive environment within the classroom and extracurricular premises of educational institutions. It considers the elements and the necessary conditions, which must be met by the environment in kindergartens and schools, to provide opportunities for the development of each child/student, according to his/her individual needs and abilities. The program allows the participants in the training to acquire practical skills for developing components of the supportive environment. The main topics in the program are: “Establishment of supportive environment – basis of the inclusive education”, “Specifics of working with children with SEN. Individual working places for children with autism spectrum disorder, CP, Down syndrome, etc.”, “Structuring and visualization”, “Specifics of support aids”, “Using elements from a prepared Montessori environment”. Practical session as the topics are divided proportionally into two parts.

Expect dates for the second part of the training.

Manner of completing the training: Certificate

Presenters: Zvezdelina Atanasova – special pedagogue and speech therapist, principal of the Center for Vocational training, and Andreas Andreu – kinesitherapist

Fee: 76 lv.

Deadline for registration and payment: February 2nd

The fee is paid via bank transfer to the following bank account:

DSK Bank

Account holder: Karin Dom EOOD

IBAN: BG37STSA93001528452286


Grounds for Payment: Training February 4-5, name of the participant (or name of the organization for more people)

If you need an invoice for the payment, please, send an e-mail to, indicating the topic, your invoice details, and the number of participants.

Registration is required to get an access link here!


Magdalena Tsoneva – Training and development specialist, 0878 302 517,


Photo: Gergana Encheva, Photographer

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