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Who we are

Karin Dom is a non-profit organization founded in 1996 by hereditary diplomat and philanthropist Ivan Stancioff.

25 years after its establishment Karin Dom is an organization with a leading role in providing professional services for children with special needs and their families. Over the years, Karin Dom develops and grows as a therapeutic center for children with special needs, which employs highly qualified specialists: physiotherapists, rehabilitators, speech therapists, psychologists, special teachers, social workers.

The main activities are realized by: Center for providing services for children with special needs and their families (for children aged 3-8), Center for Early Intervention (for children aged 0-3) and by a Resource and training center (qualified training for organizations and professionals). Karin Dom annually supports over 300 children and families and trains over 1200 specialists.


Karin Dom is a modern functional center for providing a complex of social, health and educational services for children with special needs and their families – a model for Bulgaria and abroad.


Karin Dom works for the fulfilling life and growth of children with special needs in their families, for their successful inclusion and to increase the tolerance in the society.


  • To provide high quality services to children with special needs and their families in order to prevent children from being abandoned in institutions and support the successful social integration of children and their families.
  • To disseminate our good practices by providing trainings and consultations to parents and professionals working with children with special needs from Bulgaria, while adhering to international standards.
  • Work for advocacy and policy changes for children at local, regional and state level.
  • Promoting volunteerism and social engagement between the young people in the country.


The governing body is a Management Board with Honorary Member Mr. Ivan Stancioff and Executive Director since September 2021 is Mrs. Borislava Cherkezova.


The Karin Dom Foundation is financed mainly by donations, projects and programs, with national delegated activities and municipal delegated activities.

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