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Support for Children and Families in Bulgaria and Iceland – Comparative Analysis, 29.01.2021

26 January 2021

The developed comparative analysis made by specialists from Karin Dom will be presented at the seminar. It includes the ways the health, educational and social system work in the treatment of children with special needs and their families.

Based on the visit of parents and specialists from Karin Dom in Iceland, we gathered impressions and ideas, made conclusions, analyzed, and compared the two systems aiming to get maximum benefits and good practices which we can officially approve in our country as well. This analysis is a fundamental document and the main basis for developing methods, guidelines, and training which will be provided to specialists and parents from March 2021 within the project.

We are expecting you on: January 29th (Friday). Starting time: 15:30 on ZOOM. Duration: 1 hour

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Deadline for registration: until 12:00 on 28.01.2021

Presenters at the seminar will be specialists from Karin Dom: Zvezdelina Atanasova – methodist of Karin Dom and principal of the Center for Vocational training, Nikoleta Ioncheva – speech therapist and trainer, Magdalena Tsoneva – training and development specialist and Early Intervention expert

Watch the videos that our team made during their visit to Iceland

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Often parents of children with special needs are facing several challenges in integrating them into kindergartens and schools. Often even the specialists are feeling uncertain in finding the individual approach and building an inclusive environment that predisposes and stimulates every child. In Bulgaria, inclusive education has been written in a regulatory framework for several years, but in fact, all stakeholders are currently looking for working and effective solutions for the successful integration of every child.

Our project aims to explore and share experience with Iceland, as well as to derive appropriate solutions and practices to adapt to the Bulgarian context. Our goal, in the end, is to have:

– more successful and more confident parents and parent organizations, which from the early beginning support the children with special needs and help with their inclusion in kindergarten and school

– more successful specialists who will know more tools, methods, and strategies for building an inclusive environment.

The seminar is held under the project “Transfer of practices to improve support for children with special needs and their families for inclusive education”, funded by the Active Citizens Fund of Bulgaria under the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021. A project partner is State Diagnostic and Counseling Center, (SDCC), Iceland.

Photographer: Gergana Encheva

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