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Results of the 2-year work on the project Enablin+

28 February 2016

Karin Dom has the pleasure to share with all its partners, associates and friends the results of the 2-year work on the project Enablin+ that we summarized in two newsletters:

Newsletter 1/2014 – read here

Newsletter 2/2015 – read here

The aim of the Enablin+ project is to create adequate and equal opportunities for children and youths with special needs as well as to support people taking care of them. The participation of Karin Dom in this international project is an additional prove that the inclusion of children with complex and intensive support needs in social and educational life is our major priority.

Through the last two years we shared best practices, did open discussions about the need of such practices and new methods and models for social and educational inclusion. Further, we developed and implemented a series of training modules to apply at the workplace on inclusion, communication and behavior. The project includes international partners from 8 European countries – Bulgaria, Belgium, Romania, Italy, Portugal, France, the Netherlands, and Reunion Island. Leading partner and a project coordinator is the Antwerp University in Belgium. Collaboration with international partners creates conditions for intensive and valuable exchange between universities and organizations with extensive experience in the work with children and youths with special needs.

In September 2014 Karin Dom hosted a partner meeting between project partners and local specialists working in the field. Within the Enablin+ project various initiatives are realized such as practical trainings, seminars, work meetings, summer camps and other activities. All they are closely related to inclusion of children and youths with complex and intensive support needs and the increase of qualifications, skills and knowledge of parents and specialists working with them.

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