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Invitation: Take part in the re-norming of ASQ-3 and ASQ-SE for Bulgaria

27 February 2016

Karin Dom is conducting a screening under the project Re-norming of ASQ-3 and ASQ-SE for Bulgaria. The screening consists of completing two types of questionnaires – for Ages and Stages and for Social Emotional. The aim of the study is to define and implement a formal standard for the development of children in Bulgaria. The survey covers children from 1 month to 5.5 years and the type of questionnaire to be used is determined by the child’s date of birth and the time at which this questionnaire should be completed. Parents share the birth date of their child and based on pre-defined intervals the specialists from Karin Dom determine which type of questionnaire is suitable for each child’s age.

Although questionnaires can be distributed through nurseries and kindergartens, children’s pediatricians and psychologists and other, questionnaires actually completed personally by the parents. This is an interesting, detailed and extremely useful way for parents to survey the development of their child. The filling of questionnaires is carried out as the parents observe the child and record the answers to the given questions. This process is quite interesting for the child as well, since she is herself involved in completing the questionnaires – there are questions where the child (by herself) needs to paint, build or say something in response to questions.

Take part in the research study and adaptation

Each specialist, representative of nursery or kindergarten, representative of the pediatric clinic, hospital or department that works with children aged 1 month to 5.5 years, and parents whose children are in the age limit are welcome to take part in the study. They can declare their wish by contacting the Magdalena Tsoneva, email, phone +359  878 750 269.

Karin Dom is committed to printing and sending out the required number of questionnaires and to organizing their gathering.


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