» Invite one more freind! Together we can support children with Down Syndrome and their families!

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Invite one more freind! Together we can support children with Down Syndrome and their families!

10 March 2016

Dear friends,

This year, on March 21st we will again celebrate the World Down Syndome Day. We have prepared a fun challenge for all children and parents, kindergartens and schools, organizations and for all of you who read these lines!

Join Karin dom’s campaign “Invite one more friend”!

Who could say people do not need another friend? We can be friends and open our hearts for the different from us. Don’t you think that we all are unique and different in our own way? Yes, children with Down syndrome are different. They are unique, as well, but they need the same love and support. They love smiling, dancing, and playing with peers. Let’s show children and families who fight with prejudices every single day that we support them. That they are a part of our celebrations and we would be very happy to have fun together!

How you can participate – brief guidelines

We suggest you to print out the invitations and write down the place where you plan to invite another friend to have fun together. Put enthusiasm and commitment in the idea and color the invitation as you like. Then make a picture of it and send it to our email


Download THE TWO INVITATIONS from here (pdf file)

Or download the images separately:

Version 1    Version 2 

We would be glad to learn about the many fun experiences and moments, adventures, parties, workshops, dances where you will invite a child with Down syndrome.

We will publish your invitations. Let’s prove that in our country people with Down syndrome have friends and our society accept them.

Do you know that:

  • Down syndrome is not a disease. It is a profound genetic condition. People with Down syndrome have 3 chromosomes instead of 2 in Chromosome 21.
  • The Down syndrome is the most frequent genetic anomaly and might affect people from all ages and social groups.
  • People with Down syndrome have educational difficulties. It does not mean that they cannot learn at all but that their learning ability is hampered.
  • As the most people, those with Down syndrome go to school, have interests, hobbies and talents, have friends and relationships, they also have jobs.
  • People with Down syndrome have a strong need to be among friends and family.

This campaing is realized through Karin Dom’s Project “Developing the capacity of Karin Dom for organizational and financial stability” funded by the NGO Programme in Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014 – www.ngogrants.bg


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