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Management Board of Karin Dom

Mr. Ivan Stancioff

Honorary member


Mr. Ivan Stancioff is an honorary member and lifelong Ambassador of the idea and values of Karin dom Foundation.

Mr. Stancioff, born in Sofia 1929, is a graduate of Georgetown University, Washington DC (BA History). After serving in the US Army he worked for IBM WTC in New York, Brazil, and in Paris. In 1970 he was Director of the ITT-OTE computer Project, Athens. He was Vice President International for both ITEL Corp. and Storage Technology Corp., working from London and in 1980 he set up his own IT Company – Cresta Marketing S.A. in Geneva.

Learn more about Mr. Stancioff in his short biography here.

George Bogdanov

Chairman of the Management Board


George Bogdanov is the Executive Director of the National Network for Children. He has a PhD on Sociology, Anthropology and art science from Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski. George has a significant background in working with civil groups, NGOs, the Roma community in Bulgaria as well as with isolated communities by means of the approach for development of the communities. He has worked as a consultant for Charity Know How – Great Britain and as evaluation consultant for UNICEF and the World Bank. He was socio-economic expert in the field of anti-discrimination 2009-2013 and since 2005 he is national coordinator and social inclusion consultant for Bulgaria on Social Policy assisting the EC’s DG Employment Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities. George was part of management board of Eurochild from 2010 till 2017 and from 2017 he is President of ChildPact. He is an author and co-author of a number of reports and researches in the sphere of child welfare, civic organisations, decentralization, poverty and social inclusion, health, social services.

Feodora Stancioff

Board Member


Feodora Stancioff is cofounder and directress of the International Montessori School in Toulouse, France. She gives talks and workshops on Montessori at French teachers’ training centres.

She first started introducing the Montessori philosophy at Karin Dom in 2000 where she has continued training the team ever since. She herself did her teachers’ training at the London A.M.I center in 1991.


Anna Tylor

Board Member


Anna joined the board of Karin Dom in 2016. She brings a lot of board experience. She has Chaired NGO boards and campaigns alike, including a successful e-book campaign to make digital books accessible for blind readers. She also developed the idea for what is now the UK Accessible Education Collection, enabling visually impaired, and other disabled learners, to have same time access to learning, as their non-disabled peers. She’s been a vocal campaigner to ensure disabled people’s rights and inclusion in all aspects of society. She’s worked with banks, public services, retail businesses, hotels and government to help develop practice and policy that ensures disabled people are not left behind. Her post graduate research was about how lives are disabled by acts of terrorism.

She’s enjoyed a successful career in organisational development and more recently as a commercial mediator.

Anna loves exploring new places and has written about travelling with a visual impairment. She writes a regular column “The Blind Truth Blog” about living with sight loss that has been described as “poignant” and “very very funny”.

Denitsa Dimitrova

Board Member


Denitsa is a longtime friend of Karin dom. She is an initiator of many legislative changes in the area of rights of people with disabilities in Bulgaria. Denitsa was a Member of Parliament, Member of the Committee on Labour and Social Politics, Member of the Committee on Public Administration, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Energetic, Chairman of the Informal Group for Interaction with People with Disabilities.

Denitsa has an experience in execution of social projects. She was a projects coordinator to “Accessible architectural environment for people with disabilities”, “Accessible healthcare for people with disabilities”, “Overcoming social exclusion of elderly people”. Denitsa has a bachelor degree from the University of Economics – Varna, “Accounting and Financial Analysis”.

Dorieta Georgieva-Angelova

Board Member


Dorieta is business leader. She has a management experience in companies like: “Petroceltic Bulgaria”,  “Texaco Exploration Offshore Bulgaria” Ltd. and in consulting oil and gas projects.

Education: The Open University – Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom, Qualification Master of Business Administration and University of Mining and Geology in Sofia, Bulgaria, Qualification Hydrogeologist/ Engineering Geologist, M.Sc.

Has known Karin Dom has since 1993 and ever since then has been a passionate supporter both as a donor and most recently as a member of the Board.

Vesselina Vassileva

Board Member


Vesselina Vassileva Atanasova works for Karin Dom from 2009 – 2019. as Project Coordinator and Development Director. He manages the work of the team responsible for projects, marketing and communications, donor relationships. She is actively working to launch the Early Intervention Program, ensure its sustainability and disseminate the program in Bulgaria. Veselina has experience and interest in research on “Early Intervention”.Thanks to her efforts and the team, Karin Dom achieves: municipal funding for its Early Intervention Program since 2013; as well as the “Project of the Year” Awards in 2011 and 2016. for projects supporting early intervention.

Vesselina participates in the development and management of key projects for Karin Dom related to early intervention, inclusive education and change of attitudes towards tollerance in the society. She is also the author of the project to build a new center for the therapy of children with special needs of Karin Dom, which was approved for funding by the Velux Foundation and received the support of Varna Municipality through the provision of plot.

Vesselina is a part of the voluntary breastfeeding consultants in Varna. She also supports the cause of onco-rehabilitation development in Varna.

Rouzha Pancheva, MD, PhD.

Board Member


Pediatrician working in the field of pediatric gastroenterology and nutrition, associate professor at the Medical University, Varna. From 2012 is an assistant professor at the Department of Hygiene and Disasters at the Faculty of Public Health.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ruja Pancheva is active in the topic of nutritional status of children with autism, nutrition for children with multiple disabilities and healthy diet for children.

A member of the: “Bulgarian Medical Association”; “Association of cell biology”; “Bulgarian Pediatric Union”; ” European society of Pediatric Gastroenterology and nutrition”; Regional training coordinator of the National Committee on breastfeeding.