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The Campaign “A Place for Every Child” Gathered Friends from Karin Dom and Iglika Kindergarten for a Children’s Show

8 June 2022

The advocacy campaign of Karin Dom “A place for every child”, which aims to support and stimulate the inclusion of children with special needs in our country, brought together children from Karin Dom and Iglika Kindergarten. Our campaign aims support children understand and accept peers with different abilities, and what could be a better way than a children’s performance for other children.

Building on the successful partnership between 23 Kindergarten Iglika in Vinitsa and Karin Dom Foundation and on the occasion of the Children’s Day on June 1, we were invited to visit the children and the team in the kindergarten.

The children from Iglika Kindergarten had prepared a show for Ariel, the little mermaid, which made us all happy. Together with our specialists – Montessori team and special teachers, the children from Karin Dom made new friends, had fun and laughed.

Watch HERE the performance and a conversation with specialists!

We thank the children and the team of the kindergarten for the warm welcome!

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