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A Training on June 17: Organizing an Open Educational Environment Under the Montessori System of Training and Education

6 June 2022

Karin Dom invites you to an in person training on the topic: Organizing an Open Educational Environment Under the Montessori System of Training and Education.

  • Target group: This training is suitable for pedagogues, directors of educational institutions, resource teachers, speech therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, assistants, parents.
  • When: June 17, 2022 from 9:00 to 15:30
  • Where: In Karin Dom, Varna, Primorski Park, St. Nicholas area.
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Completion: Certificate of completed training
  • Participation fee: BGN 60
  • Deadline for registration and payment: June 15
  • Gift: All participants will receive a gift – the guide: The multi-sensory garden of Karin Dom Foundation with rich photographic material and practical tips for creating an outdoor educational space.

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Multisensory garden in Karin Dom

The Montessori team of Karin Dom Foundation accepted the challenge to further develop and create an educational space that is filled with many incentives that help gain sensory experience and support the process of sensory integration. Initially, the idea that united the team was to create a “Delicious Educational Garden” with different plants, which would be a place for learning through experience. A place where children can learn to grow organic food – fruit, vegetables, spices and herbs. A place for development of children’s imagination, that will help them be in good physical condition and health, and to become a “Natural Classroom” where children can easily learn and consolidate knowledge and skills in botany, mathematics, language and speech, biology, physics and chemistry.

Subsequently, the activity in the educational garden gained more dimensions, as additional facilities for children were installed. Thus, the delicious educational garden has become a multi-sensory garden, namely a place where children by playing, having fun and learning get a real opportunity to develop all their senses. Here they will receive all the incentives for this. In creating the multisensory garden, the team is guided by the principles and practice of classical Montessori pedagogy and draws on its experience in this field. In the Montessori system of education and upbringing, one of the main emphases is the communication of children with nature and their connection with it. According to Maria Montessori, the child must be able to encounter nature. Thus, children are able to learn to understand and appreciate nature’s order, harmony and beauty.


The training includes theoretical foundations and practical demonstrations in the garden of Karin Dom. During the training we will share good practices for sensory activities through an organized outdoor space, which becomes a place where children playing, having fun and learning, get a real opportunity to develop all their senses. We will talk about the multisensory garden of Karin Dom Foundation, its principles and practice being based on classical Montessori pedagogy.

During the training we will put an emphasis on the following elements:

  1. Sharing good practices for creating an organized sensory-educational space outdoors;
  2. Areas in the multisensory garden of Karin Dom Foundation;
  3. Educational garden:
  • What is an educational garden?
  • Motives for creating an educational garden
  • Why is the educational garden different?
  • How is an educational garden created?
  • Principles of the garden.
  1. Practical advice related to building a sensory-educational garden


Zhechka Ivanova – Montessori teacher

Svetla Todorova – Montessori teacher

The fee should be transferred by bank transfer to the following bank account:


Account holder: Karin Dom Foundation

IBAN: BG29STSA93001506068419


Description: June 17 training, name of participant (or name of organization for more participants)

If you need an invoice for the payment, please email, indicating the topic, your invoice details and the number of participants.


Magdalena Tsoneva – Training Center Manager

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