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July 7 “How a Child Explores the World? Role of Play” – Free Admission

13 June 2022

Karin Dom invites you to parent training: “How a child explores the world? Role of play”

When: July 7, 2022 from 10:00 to 11:30.

Where: In person in Karin Dom, Varna, Primorski Park, Sveti Nikola area.

Targeted group: The topic is suitable for parents of young children.

Admission is free! All you need to do is register HERE!

Short description: A child grows and develops by playing. This is the main “job” of the child. During play various aspects of the social, emotional, physical and cognitive development of the child are manifested. Various aspects of children’s play can be observed and analyzed. Why do some children prefer to play alone? What can we show, how can we participate in the child’s play, how to guide and what can we teach the child while playing? What makes the game more complex and enriching? To answer these and other questions, we take a two-pronged approach – play as a social phenomenon and its role for the cognitive development of the child. We will discuss these and other issues together with Veselina Tincheva – a specialist in social activities and Andreas Andreu – a physiotherapist.


Magdalena Tsoneva – Training Center Manager

Phone: 0878 302 517, e-mail:

The training is organized under the project: “Transfer of practices to improve support for children with special needs and their families for inclusive education”, funded by the Active Citizens Fund of Bulgaria under the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021.

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