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Invitation for Training: Working with Children with Special Needs

14 March 2019

Karin Dom is pleased to invite you to an upcoming study on “Training program for pedagogical specialists and support staff of kindergartens and schools for children with special needs” – the first module. The program was approved by Order № РД09-419 / 22.01.2017 of the Minister of Education and Science.

Dates of the first module: 4-5 April 2019 from 9.00 to 16.30, 16 attendance hours, 1 credit.

Location: the conference hall of Karin Dom, Varna, St. Nicholas area.

The program is suitable for: teachers from kindergartens and schools, specialists working with children with special needs, support staff, students and parents of children with special needs.

The entire program consists of 4 training modules – 64 hours, which will be held by the end of the calendar year. Each module has a practical part and works with teachers. Participants can choose to participate in one or more modules according to their interests and needs.

You can make your registration for the first module HERE!

The training program conducted by Karin Dom can be viewed HERE
also on our page and by subscribing to our Bulletin HERE!


І Module 4-5 April


1. Sensory Difficulties – Visual, Hearing

2. Language, speech difficulties, specific learning difficulties and their varieties

3. Emotional or Behavioral Disorders – Focus on Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder Children


Nikoleta Yoncheva – speech therapist, trainer and Stefka Tsvetanova – psychologist, trainer


II Module 16-17 May


1. Physical difficulties

2. Cerebral palsy and multiple disabilities

3. Intellectual Disabilities

4. Down Syndrome


Andreas Andreou – kinesitherapist, trainer and Zvezdelina Atanasova – special pedagogue, speech therapist, trainer


III Module – by the end of 2019.


1. Difficulties in communication (focusing on children with autistic spectrum disorders)

2. Sensory stimulating and sensomotive activities and occasions

Hosts: Training team of Karin Dom


IV Module – by the end of 2019.


1. Highlights of child development from birth to 7 years of age

2. Development of a child support plan

3. Principles and normative framework of inclusive education

Hosts: Training team of Karin Dom


Price per module – 96 leva per person.



For individually enrolled participants included in all four modules – 5% discount of the total amount, upon payment of the last tuition fee.

For more than 5 participants from one organization – 5% discount.


Deadline for enrollment and payment: 02.04.2019

The fee is transferred to the following bank account:


Account Holder: Karin Dom EOOD

IBAN: BG75TTBB94001528452286



Reason for payment: Training 4-5 April, name of the participant (or the name of the organization with more participants)


If you need a payment invoice, please email by specifying the topic, your invoice details and the number of participants.

 You can make your registration for the first module HERE!



Magdalena Tsoneva – Specialist in Training and Development

Phone: 0878 302 517, e-mail:

Zvezdelina Atanasova – Director of Training Center

Phone: 0878 366 408, e-mail:


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