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Wienerberger Supports the Construction of the Innovative Building of Karin Dom

21 January 2022

Dear friends, after the first sod of the new therapeutic complex of Karin Dom was made in April, we are now happy to report that the building is almost completed. Its creation from idea to reality is owing to the efforts and willingness of many people, but the real construction brick by brick was carried out by our friends from Wienerberger EOOD.

Why the company became part of the project for construction of a new therapeutic complex of Karin Dom, explains Eng. Tsanko Milanov, Manager and Sales Director of Wienerberger EOOD.

Wienerberger is a company that invests heart and soul into everything we do. And I don’t say that because it’s something that sounds nice, but because it’s something that I’ve been living with for the last 16 years. Our goal is not just to sell bricks, tiles, and pavers, but to create solutions that provide a comfortable, safe and suitable lifestyle and that leaves a meaningful trail for next generations. We have been involved in numerous initiatives over the years, but those related to children, where and under what conditions they live, make us identify with the cause on a very personal level and get involved. I am happy that we had the opportunity to be involved in the initiative to build a new therapeutic and training center for children with special needs and for their families at Karin Dom because we felt the same devotion and empathy, backed by perseverance and consistency in care, which unfortunately as a society we find less and less… We were additionally inspired by the innovation in the methods used to achieve the building’s goals. Innovation is a major motivator in our work and this seems to have made us identify with the cause even more.

The story of how we learned about your organization is very simple… In the summer of 2019 we used the premises of “Karin Dom” for working meetings and during the time spent with you, we had the opportunity to observe the work of your specialists with children, and saw how many children and their families actually need you. After a representative of Karin Dom contacted us and we found out what we could be useful with, we were happy to be able to help with what we do best – to provide bricks for the construction of the new center.

What is your company’s policy towards involvement in charitable initiatives and what causes are your priorities?

Wienerberger has a policy to support causes related to providing a safe home and a comfortable living conditions. As a company based on sustainable development, we get involved in projects that provide sustainability, regardless of the type of project. We believe that along with hot topics such as sustainable construction, biodiversity, the circular economy and decarbonization, Wienerberger has a strong commitment to the younger generation. Of course, when it comes to children and their education and living conditions, the solutions are very easy – we just have to support them and to contribute as much as we can.

We thank Eng. Tsanko Milanov for the kind words and wish health and many more successes and successful projects of the company in 2022!

Wienerberger is the world’s largest brick producer and a leader оn the European tile market with nearly 200 plants in 30 countries. Founded in 1819 in Vienna, the company has been listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange since 1869. In 1986, the company began its dynamic expansion, focused on building materials. This transforms Wienerberger from a local Austrian brick manufacturer into the world’s largest brick manufacturer in just a few years.

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