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Borislava Cherkezova Will Be a Member of the Expert Jury of the Business Awards of Bulgaria – EGO Awards

13 January 2022

The Executive Director of Karin Dom – Borislava Cherkezova will be part of the prestigious jury of the Business Awards of Bulgaria – EGO Awards. The Business Awards of Bulgaria – EGO Awards recently announced the members of their expert jury. Among them is the Executive Director of Karin Dom – Borislava Cherkezova, whose expertise, proven professionalism, extensive experience, and vision won the trust of the organizers.

EGO Awards recognize the most prominent achievements in public and business life, covering all industries in Bulgaria. Companies from all business spheres can apply in various categories – both specific to companies and products by sector, as well as general categories for business processes. The jury of the EGO Awards comprises renowned professionals, including journalists, managers of associations, editors, publishers, influencers, futurists and leaders in various industries. The organizers entrusted them with the evaluation of the most successful strategies, best practices and the most innovative initiatives of the candidates for the award.

“We are extremely happy that Borislava Cherkezova accepted our invitation to be part of the prestigious jury of the EGO Awards. Each jury member is carefully selected to ensure that the evaluation is based on objectivity, proven expertise, years of experience and a clear vision of the latest trends and future prospects of their industry. We have entrusted experts from different fields to provide a detailed review of the applications and a precise evaluation of applicants from different points of view”, said Ovanes Ovanessian, co-founder of the EGO Awards.

Early registration is now open until January 28. More information about the awards can be found on the EGO Awards website.

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