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Volunteering is not a Profession, It’s a Way of Life

19 May 2017

„Volunteering is not a profession, it’s a way of life and the more good we do, the better we become, the more skills we acquire.” This was shared by the youths at Club “Preventions” with Third High School “Academic Metodiy Popov” – Varna. They called their philanthropy cause “Together for Karin Dom”.

The students were our guests and volunteers who, along with all other of their initiatives, wrote a fairy-tail for Karin Dom – “A House by the Sea”. It’s a wonderful story about friendship and love that touched the hearts of our entire team. You can read “A House by the Sea” as well. Specially for the children of Karin Dom, the students told the story in an artistic way with help from puppets. The children got a big screen and theatre puppets from their new friends that made them so happy and kept the fun.

The youths, along with their school psychologist Emilia Turkoleva, are part of Karin Dom’s project “Ambassadors of Good”, financed by America for Bulgaria Foundation. They have their cause – to bring joy and memories to the children with special needs at Karin Dom as well as helping out in the garden. The youths also organized a charity bazar at their school to raise money for buying flowers to plant in the garden of Karin Dom.

All volunteers from club “Preventions” are trained in different fields/preventions of PAV; prevention of aggression, safe internet, human trafficking; HIV/AIDS/. They’ve taken part in many informational campaigns, charity bazars and concerts based on school territory and in the city.

Thank you!

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