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Martenitsa with a Cause – Campaign 2021

29 January 2021

Dear friends,

For us, Baba Marta is a special holiday that we want to share with you! Once again, we invite you to take part in the Karin Dom’s Campaign for Martenichki and support us! The tradition dictates that every year in our campaign many of our friends, parents, volunteers, Karin Dom’s team, and our special children are taking part. The martenichki are handmade, mostly from natural materials, and with a lot of diligence to make you happy and make a nice atmosphere on the favorite holiday. Compared to previous years, when we invited you to send us your handmade martenitsi, which were very different and wonderful creations, this year we are not going to do it. Because of the situation in the country, we are not going to do our bazars, which our partners are loving so much and are waiting for them every year.

We are going to offer our martenichki and cards in the Karin Dom Family Store 

and through orders from Catalog with martenichki 2021 for businesses.


After already finished the Charitable Christmas Campaign, which managed to raise the amount of a little over 15,000 lv, Karin Dom continues with its campaigns for support of the new center, which is starting to be built in Varna. The proceeds from the Martenitsa campaign will also be targeted and will help Karin Dom to buy specialized equipment, meeting all modern methods of working with children with special needs for its new therapeutic center, construction of which begins this year.

Read more about Karin Dom’s new therapeutic and training center!

The new building aims to establish an environment for early childhood development, exchange of knowledge, and shared area for families, volunteers, and specialists. It will suggest more and more complex services for children and families from the whole country, which will support their daily routine and the inclusion of the children in kindergartens and schools. The building will include various functions – physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, early intervention center, Montessori center, individual and group therapy, multisensory and sensor-motor hall, medical center, training halls and administrative part, playground, and green areas.

The financing for the construction of this new building is provided to Karin Dom by the Velux Foundations, and the land is provided by the Municipality of Varna. To carry out the planned successful completion of the new center, it is necessary to provide additional funds. In this regard, Karin Dom is looking for partners and is organizing charity campaigns to support the purchase of the necessary specialized equipment and furniture for the new building.


  • The companies, which are planning to make their partners, clients, and employees happy with a traditional handmade martenichka, can support us when they buy one
  • If you are planning to make a charity initiative or bazar on the occasion of Baba Marta, contact us and join the cause of Karin Dom
  • By volunteering in making martenichki on-site at Karin Dom or your office together with your colleagues, if your company’s policy encourages volunteer initiatives


Due to the increasing practice of companies for home-office, we are developing online workshops for employees.

The workshops are suitable for overcoming isolation, stimulating teamwork, as well as improving the mood and motivation of employees. It’s also a lot of fun.


We are offering you a choice of three funny cards “Happy Baba Marta” with Steli Chakyrova’s attractive design to make your friends and partners happy. The cards: “Yarn”, “Baba Marta”, and “Pizho and Penda” are in size 10/15 cm and have a different wish on the back. They can be individually packed and complete with martenichka of your choice. Price for a card: 2 lv/pc.


We are preparing extremely attractive and very diverse martenici for hand. Even we can’t make them the same. We use natural materials and wooden elements. Each martenichka has its own pattern and character. You can choose a traditional martenichki for hand, martenichki made through the technique of felting wool and yarn brooches. We also offer fun temptations, candy brooches, and Bubble Gum badges, specially designed for the more eccentric friends of Baba Marta, who want to bring a touch of humor to the tradition and have fun at any time.

Martenitchkite can be individually packaged with the Karin Dom label. We can also make martenichki in the model you want or with your company logo.

Catalog with martenichki 2021 for businesses and The Karin Dom Family Online Store!


  • We would like to receive your orders as soon as possible so that we can prepare martenichkite on time.
  • Make individual orders through our online store:
  • Orders for the company, please order from Catalog 2021 at:


  • We can deliver martenichki within the whole country with Econt or you can get them on-site at Karin Dom in Varna.
  • Orders of companies we also can deliver to the office within the city.
  • You will be able to find our martenichki in restaurants for healthy food and drinks So Fresh in Varna very soon.


The Karin Dom Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in the public interest, which entitles our donors, Bulgarian citizens, and companies, to use tax benefits when filing their annual tax returns. For companies, Karin Dom can provide an invoice.


You can contact our team by phone at: 052/302 518 or email:

See more offers in the Karin Dom Family Online Store:


To get involved and support the campaign, you can donate according to your abilities and desire in one of the following ways:

  • Bank account of Karin Dom Foundation in: DSK Bank AD –

IBAN: BG56STSA93001506068418, BIC: STSABGSF

See the Catalog with martenichki 2021 for companies and the Karin Dom Family Online Store!

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Happy Baba Marta! 

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