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We Conducted Trainings at Early Intervention Centers in Chirpan and Stara Zagora under a Project with UNICEF

28 October 2021

The first live trainings in Early Intervention Centers in Stara Zagora and Chirpan took place, carried out with the support of UNICEF.

On October 14 and 15, 2021 Early Childhood Intervention specialists from Karin Dom visited the cities of Stara Zagora and Chirpan and conducted the first trainings under the project “Pilot Implementation of a Systematic Approach to Early Childhood Intervention”, funded by UNICEF, Bulgaria.

After a series of webinars, it was time for live training! Following a pre-prepared structure in accordance with the needs of the newly formed teams, colleagues from Karin Dom: Elena Todorova (psychologist) and Petya Georgieva (rehabilitator) – for Stara Zagora and Svetla Lazarova (speech therapist) and Dimana Miteva-Naidenova (psychologist) – for Chirpan, visited their designated places and conducted upgrading trainings. Among the main topics discussed during the meetings were “Cross-Sectoral Cooperation”, working methods and tools to promote the service and building a network of services at the local level for cooperation and guidance.

The role of screening for early assessment of child development, interpretation of results and providing feedback to parents was discussed.

We looked in detail at the stages of parental support – first concerns, referral to appropriate services at the local level and follow-up. We presented the experience of Karin Dom and the role of a social worker in the first contact with the family – working with the emotions of parents, the role of the leading consultant for the family and building a first relationship of trust. Teamwork and follow-up support, including home visits and visits to the center. An important issue for the team in Stara Zagora was the role of the rehabilitator and the family-centered approach in working with high-risk newborns immediately after birth.

In the form of role-playing games we conducted the so-called “Routine-Based Interview” and setting goals for an Individual Family Services Plan. We presented photos, videos and audio materials illustrating the work of the Early Childhood Intervention team at Karin Dom, Varna. We discussed and drew a plan of next steps for the teams in Chirpan and Stara Zagora.

During the trainings, other colleagues appointed under the ECI of disabilities and Component 3 to kindergartens and nurseries joined, and the group in Chirpan was joined by Milena Marinova – ECI and Inclusive Education Expert at UNICEF. There was a mutual and satisfactory process of exchange of knowledge and experience. Our colleagues shared that everything was very useful to them and they felt more confident.

More training and supervision lie ahead under the project. We are hopeful that the early intervention in Bulgaria is taking place in stages and in all cities. The teams are highly motivated and prepared for the challenges of working with children and families!

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