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Karin Dom and Societe Generale Expressbank with first place in the competition “Project of the Year 2016”

13 April 2017

At an official ceremony in Sofia Societe Generale Expressbank and Karin Dom, were awarded first place for best project for 2016 at the annual competition of Tulip Foundation, “Project of the Year”. Participants at the competition were civil organizations that during the past 2016, realized a project for improving the conditions, opportunities and quality of life of people and the community they work at.

The prize was awarded by Sevda Shishmanova, Program Executive of Bulgarian National Television. She was part of a jury composed by experts and professionals from different fields.

The collaboration between Societe Generale Expressbank and Karin Dom began in 2007 and the “Support a Family” project in 2011.

Thanks to the joint program, there can be an opportunity for therapeutic services and training of families with children with special needs. The parents receive guidance and acquire more confidence in how to stimulate the development of their children by focusing on their strong sides. With mutual efforts from both institutions, the children are being supported that gives them a better chance at socializing during their early development. This is another award for collaboration between both organizations which is a public acknowledgment for the social importance of the partnership.

“Support a Family” program is an excellent service for families with small children from all over Bulgaria. The existing services for children with special needs and their families, are in the frames of a particular area or municipality and often, for older children. The program gives the family the opportunity to receive a service and gain the experience of Karin Dom, without being limited by the area they live in, the condition of their children, financial state or social status. The program’s biggest advantage is the work with the parents – they receive consultations, guidance and advice on how to take care of their child, according to the child’s condition, how to fulfil the child’s needs, how to encourage them, find and develop their strong sides.

“I want to thank our friends from Societe Generale Expressbank, our partnership is an inspiring example for empathy and support, for the active and generous participation of the bank’s employees and customers. To us, this is motivation to move forward and develop the program in the best possible way”, shared Veselina Vasileva, Head of department “Development” at Karin Dom.

The project of Karin Dom and Societe Generale Expressbank has supported more than 157 children with special needs in Bulgaria.

From the start of the project “Support a Family” in 2011 until the end of 2016, 157 children and their families from 30 areas in the country have been supported. For 2016 only, 40 children and their families have been included in the program. For the same period, there have been 423 therapeutic sessions led by specialists (speech therapist, psychologist, physiotherapist), 128 consultations with social workers and pediatrician as well as 21 consultations for the parents with clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. The total number of session in “Toy Library” for 2016 is 120. In the course of the years, Karin Dom receives financial support not only from the bank but also from its employees who participate with personal donations and organize internal campaigns for additional fund raising.

This year, in the “Project of the Year” competition were nominated 22 projects from all over the country. As each year, the presented projects were assessed by results in: stability of activity in time, financial effectiveness, participation at target groups and local community, innovations and applying of ideas in other areas.

The groups Societe Generale Expressbank is among the seven biggest financial institutions in Bulgaria.

Part of the group is Societe Generale Expressbank and its joint and associations Sogelease Bulgaria, Societe Generale Factoring, Regional Fund for City Development – manager with the JESSICA program with EFPP, life insurance company Sogelife Bulgaria and company for operational leasing and full service ALD Automotive. Together with their 1 600 employees, Societe Generale Expressbank is striving to offer their clients available, flexible, quality, innovative products and services with profitable price conditions. The bank has been awarded with many prizes, including “Dynamics of Development, given at the 17th annual awards “Association Bank of the Year” in 2015. The bank holds first place in a prestigious financial edition Euromoney, in market share in currency deals with corporative clients and financial institutions. The bank also received acknowledgment by Euromoney FX Survey for a third time in 4 years. For two years, it’s №1 in Bulgaria at the annual rating of Euromoney for bets institutions in the field of management of finance.

(Euromoney’s Cash Management Non-Financial Survey).

Recently, the rating agency Fitch Ratings confirmed Societe Generale Expressbank’s long term rating – “BBB+” with stable perspective, which is the highest rating given by Fitch to a financial institution in Bulgaria.

  • 99.74% of the capital is property of Societe Generale Group;
  • 73.4 million BGN profit for 2015;
  • 211.8 million BGN bank income for 2015;
  • 5.3 billion BGN total size of the assets by the end of 2015;
  • 144 offices;
  • more than 490 000 clients.

* The presented results are from the individual base of Societe Generale Expressbank without its joint associations and companies.


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