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“Paper for Flowers” Campaign – Results

21 April 2017

In the eve of Earth Day, we are very happy to share the results from Karin Dom’s campaign “Paper for Flowers”. For the second year in a row, with the help of many citizens and companies, Karin Dom led a campaign for gathering and transfer of paper, that united the efforts of the citizens of Varna.

With the funds raised by the campaign Karin Dom will buy flowers to decorate the yard and to renew the biogarden that gives the children joy and motivates them to spend more time among nature, to preserve and love it.

We want to thank all our friends, all the citizens of Varna, who supported us this year as well. We thank the media who helped our campaign reach so many people!

Part of the campaign were: Solvay, Agropychim Devnya, British Language Center, TUI Bulgaria, Hed Service OOD, Varna printing edition, Varna Public Transportation, Zodiac Maritime Ltd., Kagami OOD, Sitel Bulgaria OOD. We want to thank Monpasier – Handmade Jewelry and Knitwear for the lovey chamomile and chrysanthemums they brought us and to Polishart firm that bought our paper!

Together with all of you we managed to gather 4 580 kilos of paper and 594 BGN.

Our work at the garden has begun. First were our little gardeners who despite the cold weather took the gardening tools with great enthusiasm to make the garden beautiful. Next week, our volunteers from Third Professional High School “Academic Metodiy Popov” and MSD Bulgaria will take over on the rest of the yard and the biogarden.

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