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Karin dom anounced structural changes

24 March 2017

We are happy to announce that Karin Dom Foundation is undertaking structural changes to meet its expansion. The organization was founded 20 years ago by the hereditary diplomat and philanthropist Ivan Stancioff in the family house provided by the Stancioff family. The idea and the dream of Ivan Stancioff is this to become a place, offering a comprehensive approach to support children with special needs and reduce the abandonment of these children in institutions.

Over the years, Karin Dom develops and grows as a therapeutic center for children with special needs, which employs highly qualified specialists. Thanks to donations from home and abroad, the implementation of project activities, the support of the Municipality of Varna and qualified team of specialists, Karin Dom developed exceptionally over the years.

Today our services are known and sought after by families, our capacity has increased repeatedly and our team drew more and more specialists.

Karin Dom annually supports over 300 children and families, trains over 1,200 specialists. To respond to all changes and current requirements, Karin Dom undertook structural changes to respond to the new needs.

At the beginning of 2017 Karin Dom Foundation started the process of converting and transferring all its rights, obligations and factual relations to the Public Benefit Association “Friends of Karin Dom”. The new structure provides better organizational stability, transparency and flexibility, which corresponds to the development and leadership of Karin Dom in the field of services for children with special needs and their families.

Karin Dom decided to continue its activity as a Public Benefit Association “Friends of Karin Dom”.

The Association will allow us to be even more effective at operational level. Currently, the new organization is in the process of assuming the rights and obligations of the Foundation in all its contracts – with employees, subcontractors and clients. We introduce a multilevel control and decision making system. The bodies of the organization are: General Assembly, Management Board, Chairman and Supervisory Board. Operation within this model ensures transparency in the management of Karin Dom and participation of members in this process.

Currently members of the Association are: the team of Karin Dom, parents and friends. Mr. Ivan Stancioff is an honorary member and lifelong Ambassador of the idea and values of the Association. Chairman of the Association is his son – Mr. Nicholas Stancioff, who has an extensive experience in management and finance. The Executive Director of the “Friends of Karin Dom” Association is Mariana Nikolova.

In the Board of the Association participate professionals that are currently in the Board of the Foundation – Feodora Stancioff (a Montessori teacher and director of a Montessori school in Toulouse, France), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rouzha Pancheva (Pediatrician and Pediatric Gastroenterologist, Associate Professor – lecturer in the Medical University of Varna), Anna Tylor (fundraising consultant from the UK), Stanka Zheleva (Director of the Foundation “Easyart”).


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