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Karin Dom Early Interventionists Consult Parents on the Occasion of the World Prematurity Day

16 November 2017

On 17th of November, the World Prematurity Day, Karin Dom is giving an opportunity to parents of premature children aged from 0 to 36 months to consult with professionals and check the development of their child.

Karin Dom Early Intervention Program specialists Svetlana Angelova (speech therapist), Vladislava Doncheva (physical therapist), Elena Todorova (child psychologist), Svetla Lazarova (speech therapist), Marina Peycheva (social worker), will deliver presentations on early childhood development of premature children; benefits of mother-baby early contact; services available to children from earliest age. Other participants will be Simoneta Popova (midwife and breastfeeding consultant from the National Breastfeeding Association) and Yana Todorova (nurse and sling consultant). Partner of the initiative is Our Premature Children Foundation.

Parents are invited to the event on Friday, November 17th from 10:30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.,

in Varnenche play area at the Sports Hall. Entrance is free.

Karin Dom offers free follow-up for premature children from 0 to 36 months. After a call on +359 52 302 518 program team visits the family in their home. You can learn more about Karin Dom Early Intervention Program HERE.

What follows is the letter from a mother of two premature babies who shares about the early intervention team and the timely support she received from them. The letter is being published with mother’s permission.

“I am a mother of two premature children. My name is Nermin Ibryam. I’d like to share my thoughts and feelings on this special day. 12 years ago I gave birth to my first daughter Dilyara. I was young, unexperienced and I noticed the problem of my child too late. And then the painful hospital visits started. Each month we were in Sofia for rehabilitation and tried physically, mentally and financially to overcome the stress we encountered. Our society has not yet reached the level of development to accept children with special needs as equal. When my daughter turned 6, we moved to Varna. Then I learned about Karin Dom. I thank God that I met these people! I started using their services. I received from them the first free shoes suitable for my child. With lots of care, love, patience and devotion, we achieved good results. Now my daughter is an independent grown-up girl who makes us happy with her good performance at school

Then my second daughter was born, the little Emira, who will turn 1 year soon. She is also premature. I felt that I had no mental strength to go through the same again. But I already knew about Karin Dom, about the variety of services they were offering, the specialists they had. On the second month, I contacted them to use the only available, free of charge and unique Early intervention service. They responded right away. They provided me with physical, mental and financial ease, confidence and security. I am very grateful to the consultant Vladislava Doncheva, who visits Emira twice a month, gives directions and supports her development. She follows her up, demands from me. Together we plan activities that respond to her needs. For now, she develops fine and we are very happy.

I would encourage all parents who have concerns about the development of their babies and young children, to contact Karin Dom. I appeal to all people and organizations who have financial security, to support and give to Karin Dom so that our children could receive adequate and quality services, so that we as parents could receive professional advice in raising and supporting the development of our children. In this way, they will become part of a noble cause! Because people from Karin Dom truly are “Saviors of Childhood”.

According to the statistics, 10-15% of births in average are preterm in a world scale. In Bulgaria, the statistics is most alarming for Plovdiv, Varna, Vratsa and Sliven where the preterm births are above the average for the country, around 20% (data from 2009). After being discharged from hospital, premature babies still need more care and help compared to the others at the same age. According to world standards, they need follow-up from different professionals until at least 1,5-3 years.


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