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Join Free Vocational Training for “Social Activities Assistant” – Profession for Those Devoted to Others

20 November 2017

Karin Dom in Varna provides opportunity to unemployed parents who raise a child with disability between 0 and 18 years of age, to join free vocational training ‘Social work with children and adults with disabilities and chronic illnesses’. During the 10-month training parents will qualify for the profession ‘Social activities assistant’.

After the final exam, parents will receive a diploma for professional qualification, sample of the Ministry of Education. The acquired qualification will give them the right to work in state and non-governmental institutions, providers of social services.

This profession is suitable for those who wish to help others. Parents of children with special needs have experience in raising a child with difficulties. They find ways to handle difficulties. Very often, they would help by sharing their experience with other parents. This is very important part of the preparation for this profession, and within this process, they will acquire new knowledge for supporting children with special needs, adults with disabilities and their families.

To ease the future realization of the parents, we created a unified communication system for connecting parents with employers. You can register to the platform at:

The graduates in the profession ‘Social Activities Assistant’ will have:

• Knowledge and wide view to the needs of children and adults with variety of difficulties;

• Knowledge how to identify, consult and refer children and families to appropriate community resources;

• Knowledge how to build trusting relationships with the social service users;

• Skills to apply the principles of social work – empathy, confidentiality, accepting other people, respecting their dignity, non-judgmental attitude – leading principles for the social worker;

• Knowledge how to support people in developing competencies and skills for independent living and decision making in relation to the children and other family members;

• Motivation for personal development.

Apart from these competencies, the vocational training will deepen their knowledge in the field of social policies, social aspects of health and illness, pedagogical approaches and psychological theories. Parents will develop skills to help not only their child, but also to help other children and families.

Social workers are tolerant, they can be active listeners, to look for and use the strengths and resources of children and their families… Social workers are agents of change in life of people and groups they support. Social work as a professional activity aims to improve human well-being, to support meeting of basic human needs of all people. Of course, special attention require people having difficulties, like poverty, illness, disablement, social isolation, etc.

Join the training now by connecting to Karin Dom on phone 052 / 302 518 or e-mail – Veselina Tincheva

More about the other trainings, delivered within the project, can be found HERE

Karin Dom’s project Support to Parents of Children with Disabilities for Social and Professional Realisation is performed within Human Resources Development Operational Program 2014-2020, with the financial support of the European Union, European Social Fund.




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