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Christmas Cards 2018 – Support the Children of Karin Dom

12 November 2017

With great excitement, we announce that we are launching the annual Christmas campaign of Karin Dom, aiming to raise funds for the “Early Childhood Development” program. The system is targeted at young children with developmental disabilities, atypical behavior, social and emotional difficulties.

This year part of the Christmas campaign are four well-established and successful contemporary artists, part of the cultural life of the country – Kaloyan Iliev – Kokimoto, Antoniya Koleva – NITRA, Viktoria Georgieva MOUSE, Nikolay Bozhinov – Nikka Why.

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The concept of the calendar is inspired by the Bulgarian traditions and performed according to customs, and the image for each month is a photograph taken with the participation of the children visiting the center. The beauty of traditional Bulgarian customs is captured through the lens of Zvezdi Pathare – a designer, photographer and stylist.



Prices for the cards and the calendar:

Christmas card 1 pcs. with envelope- 2 leva

Calendar 1 pcs. – 5 leva

You can order your cards by phone: 052 302 518 and 052 302 517 or via e-mail koleda@karindom.org


Antoniya Koleva – NITRA

Card name: “Snowy tale” by NITRA

Words from the author :

“Every child enjoys and excites when he makes a Christmas card, regardless of his artistic talents. In this project, together with the children, we embarked on an adventure to recreate the Christmas Night. We used favorite elements and images that I prepared as templates so that everyone could confidently and enthusiastically participate without worries.”

Kaloyan Iliev – Kokimoto

Card name:

Option 1: “Landscape with a Snowman, a Dog and a Cat” by Kokimoto

Option 2: “Gifts for Everyone” by Kokimoto

Words from the author:

“My idea in creating the Christmas card designs was to encourage the children to leave the emotion to lead and to create without prejudices, allowing their current mood to dictate shapes and color combinations. As art has a subjective concept, the beauty in it could be viewed from different angles, and that is why I encouraged the children to reveal their own reading of the holiday. “

Nikolay Bozhinov – Nikka Why

Card name: “Kids Friendly”

Words from the author:

“The work we created together with the children attending Karin Dom is a visual symbol of our joint work. The final image was collaged by 1/6 of the drawing of each participant. “

Viktoria Georgieva – MOUSE

Card name: „Winter dreams“

Words from the author:

“ “Winter dreams” is a colorful frame of an enchanting vision, expressed by the watercolor spots touched by a girl and several children. For me, this moment imbues dreams and bright longings. The project draws the idea of a home, friendship, wonder. Thank you from heart.”

Antoaneta Abadjieva

Card name: “Glove”, “Winter in the Forest”, “Orange Christmass Tree”, “Snowman”, “Silent Night”

Words from the author:

“Painting together with the children from Karin Dom was a real pleasure for me. They are positive, pure-hearted and we had a lot of fun in the process of creating the cards. I believe that the results are very good.”

The whole team of Karin Dom wishes you happy holidays and a happy 2018 year!

Thank you for your support!

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