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Karin Dom on Wheels – in Beloslav Municipality

5 July 2022

“Karin Dom on Wheels” is an initiative through which we strive to be close to children and families when they are in need. Through Karin Dom on Wheels, we aim to provide a quality service to over 250 families in small communities through a mobile site equipped for therapy sessions, play and family work.

The first municipality that responded to our invitation and which our team visited was Beloslav Municipality. After a meeting with Deputy Mayor Eng. Svetla Koleva and expert Kristina Yanakieva, we started weekly group activities, informational meetings and consultations for children from the town of Beloslav and the villages of the municipality: Ezerovo, Strashimirovo and Razdelna.

The activities that our team can offer on site and as close to the families as possible are:

  1. Lectures for parents and specialists on sample topics or topics on request:
  • Why is play important?
  • Early childhood development;
  • Challenging behavior in young children;
  • Sharing of experience on the provision of social services by Karin Dom;
  • Emotional intelligence training;
  • Specifics of child development;
  • How to support our child in everyday life?
  • How to support the child at the threshold of nursery, kindergarten?
  • Breastfeeding support;
  • How to support the child at the threshold of nursery, kindergarten?
  1. One-off meetings/consultations of children and their parents, in which Karin Dom specialists: rehabilitator, kinesitherapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, special teacher, child psychologist, breastfeeding consultant, social worker will provide guidance related to the challenges of raising their children.
  2. Organizing a “Playgroup” – a group activity where parents together with their children play together. This activity:
  • Creates opportunities for joint activities for parents and children, facilitated by specialists;
  • Prepares children for the social environment by developing the necessary skills;
  • Gives children the opportunity to play and explore the world together with their parents;
  • Helps with exchange of information, experience and ideas, acquaintances and friendships are created.

The social effect of the project is to reach more families of disadvantaged children. To support them in the development of their children so that they receive timely information about the stages of child development and some challenges in everyday life with their children. Parents will be able to learn different ways to support their children in the best possible way.

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