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Karin Dom’s Forum for Sharing Successful Practices and Recommendations in the Field of Inclusive Education

29 June 2022

One of the first civil organizations in Bulgaria, Karin Dom Foundation, organized a round table: “Addressing recommendations for change in policies for inclusive education” on 4 July 2022 in Sofia.

Karin Dom’s long-term experience is in the field of therapy and rehabilitation, early intervention and integration of children with special needs. In support of inclusive education, Karin Dom also conducts specialized trainings for specialists, parents and organizations in the field of working with children and works towards changing attitudes and advocacy.

On the round table and in the name of the children, institutions, specialists, parents and civil organizations will meet and join efforts. Representatives of Karin Dom will participate in the meeting with specific proposals and recommendations to support the education of children with special needs.

The discussion will include representatives of: MLSP (Ministry of Labor and Social Policy), RCPIE-Sofia (Regional Center for Support of the Process of Inclusive Education), CSES “Edward Segen”-Sofia (Center for Special Educational Support “Edward Segen”), representative of the New Bulgarian University and consultant for UNICEF (Early Childhood Intervention), Parents Association, National Network for Children, Sofia University, Active Citizens Fund, Iglika Kindergarten, Varna, parents of children with special needs. A special invitation has been sent to the Ministry of Science and Education.

The forum is part of Karin Dom’s initiatives and long-standing efforts to change policies for children with special needs in Bulgaria and advocate for their rights to access education.

The forum will be opened by: Borislava Cherkezova, Executive Director of Karin Dom Foundation, representatives of Karin Dom will participate with presentations: Nikoleta Yoncheva, doctor of speech therapy, Zhenislava Sapundzhieva, director of “Services for children and families”, Bistra Boncheva, administrative director of Karin Dom Foundation and a social worker. Karin Dom is a civil organization founded 26 years ago from the diplomat and philanthropist Ivan Stanchov. Since its founding, Karin Dom has a distinctly new approach to children with special needs and their families. In 1996 the first children entered the center, and some of the parents later created the first parent organizations in Varna.

Currently, Karin Dom welcomes more than 300 children a year from all over the country, whom it provides with professional therapy with a speech therapist, psychologist, physiotherapist, etc. In addition to supporting children and their families through therapy and social services, Karin Dom also strives for changes in policies for children at the national level, changing attitudes and inclusive practices for children with special needs in our country.

At the meeting, Karin Dom will also share successful practices from Iceland’s inclusive education and policies and their legislation. It will offer specific recommendations and steps for change based on experience and consultations with various organizations working with children, parents and specialists in the field.

The forum is part of the initiatives under the project “Transfer of practices to improve support for children with special needs and their families for inclusive education”, financed by the Bulgaria Active Citizens Fund under the Financial Mechanism of the EEA 2014-2021.





All responsibility for the content of the published information is borne by Karin Dom Foundation and under no circumstances is to be assumed that it reflects the official opinion of the FM of the EEA and the Operator of the Active Citizens Bulgaria Fund.

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