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Karin Dom in a Box for Children from Ukraine

5 July 2022

In response to the needs of the families victim of the military actions in Ukraine, who are accommodated in our country, Karin Dom provided the Ukrainian children accommodated in a hotel near Varna with a set of materials called “Karin Dom in a Box”.

The contents of the boxes is tailored to the children’s age and their need for different activities in their monotonous daily life. Taking into account the limited resources of many of the families who fled the war and who are able to provide only with basic necessities, we believe that the materials provided will give some relief of parents in their daily activities with children and bring variety to children.

In the boxes, the children were happy to find educational and entertaining materials specially selected by Karin Dom specialists to provide children and their families with joint activities for a fulfilling time together. The boxes are also created to help parents – in the ones for the youngest children, there are “Cards with games for babies and children” specially developed by Karin Dom specialists, which offer ideas for useful activities with the baby and the toddler from 0 to 24 months .

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