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Therapy Group “Little ones+” at Karin Dom admits 2- to 3-year-old children

25 October 2016

Dear parents,

Our therapy group “Little+” at Karin Dom will admit more children between 2-3 years for the 2016/2017 school year.

Group “Little ones+” offers a new model of services that has no equivalent in Bulgaria. This therapy group has a three years of experience and acknowledged results in the work with children with a vast spectrum of communication difficulties. The therapists, working in the group are trained by specialists in early child development from the USA, they are constantly working on their qualification and acquire new, international known methods in working with children with special needs.

The group is led by Nikoleta Yoncheva – speech therapist and trainer. Hours are 2 times a week starting at 09:00 until 10:30. The group includes the participation of parents, grandparents, older siblings and other people who partake in the child’s raising.

Nikoleta Yoncheva has experience with different innovation projects on people with disabilities, that have been realized in Bulgaria and abroad. Her professional interests include: communication, sign language, early childhood development and family-mediated intervention. Nikoleta Yoncheva is a certified ABA and PECS therapist. At the moment, she is preparing for her Doctorate in Speech therapy in SU “St. Kliment Ohridski” – Sofia.

During the group sessions, parents and children also meet with Karin Dom’s early childhood development consultants form the Early Intervention program: a speech therapist, psychologist, rehabilitator, social worker and assistant educator. 

The group’s goals are aiming towards training the child’s family in different strategies for knowing, evaluation, improving communication and support in the daily challenges that come with the child’s condition. “Little ones+” helps the development of functional communication and the child’s adaptive skills, as well the child’s inclusion at an educational institution. The family receives consultation and training in the group and once a month, at the home of the child, kindergarten (if the child is going to such), at the playground or anywhere else where parents experience difficulties in daily life.

Conditions for including the child in “Little+”
– The child must be 2-3 years old
– The child experiences difficulties in: motor or sensory development, social skills, communication, adaptive skills and self-help;
– At least one family member must visit the group with the child
– The child must live in Varna
– If admitted to the group, the child will take part in Karin Dom’s “Early Intervention” program

For more information you can contact Nikoleta Yoncheva until 30.11.2016, between 12:00-16:00 on the following number: +359 895 952 033 or email her at

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