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Smile Karin Dom Festival was a success! Expect us again in 2017!

19 October 2016

Today we celebrate the National day of charity, which is also a wonderful occasion to announce that the second edition of the Festival Smile “Karin Dom” reported a total revenue of 33 000 BGN.

This amount was collected thanks to all of you, all the locals who visited and supported the Festival. The funds were collected by entrance tickets, donations, children’s workshops, horseback riding and from the turnover, accounted by traders during the Festival.

The Festival will help Karin dom to continue the activities of the two groups found after the last year’s edition – “Smile” and “Small+”. The group “Small +” covers 9 children aged 2-3 years with different conditions (Autism, hearing loss, Down syndrome, developmental delays and communication disabilities, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, etc.).

The second group “Smile” takes the name of the Festival and includes children with complex and intensive support needs (children with sensory, motor and neurological disorders, serious developmental delays, disorders in verbal and non-verbal communication).

“We are delighted that the Festival brought together the entire community of the city of Varna – it began to create friendships and partnerships, to build trust and give smiles. For the second consecutive year all of you have been with us in the realization of the Festival “Smile Karin dom” – 2016. We all once again proved that we can change lives led by a common cause, the desire for smiles, personal need and sense of helping. I would like to express, on my behalf and on behalf of the team of Karin dom Foundation, our immense gratitude to all of you, who have believed us, who supported us and get involved in the realization of the Festival. You all created together the Festival “Smile Karin dom”.

Thank you for the many smiles, heartfelt respect and empathy to all our fellow citizens and guests of our wonderful city! We thank the event organizer – Andrew King for the effort and enthusiasm with which implements the Festival this year! We thank our media partners who supported the cause! With the Organization of the event was involved and volunteer team – people who selflessly gave their hearts, time and a lot of effort for the organisation of the Festival: Yordanka Getzova, Vasil Bozhilov, Stella Kostova, Violina Nikolova (Hype Communication).

We thank our sponsors and partners, all volunteers, who support us”, said Deputy Director of Karin dom – Veselina Vasileva.

The event promises to turn into tradition of our city and the organizers promise next year to start early and to provide the most memorable Edition of the Festival in 2017.

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