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Get to know EASPD – the European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities

5 November 2016

EASPD = European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities

EASPD is a non-profit NGO, that promotes the views and opinions of its members – over 130 organizations, offering more than 12 000 social services in 29 European countries.

The main objective of EASPD is to promote equal opportunities for people with disabilities (more tnan 80 milion in Europe) through effective and high-quality service systems. The association recognizes service providers as a key element for reaching this goal.

EASPD работи в посока

  • The full implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities;
  • The provision of high-quality, and user-centred services running in an accountable, efficient and effective way;
  • Fair working conditions and lifelong learning opportunities for staff employed in services.

EASPD’s story begins in 1995 after a meeting with a top European Commission representative. When asked why it was so difficult for them to understand what service providers wanted he answered “get organised and come back”. The response might have appeared rude at the time, yet the official was right. Following the meeting, EASPD is formally established in 1996. In 1999 the association accepts a big number of new memmbers from the European Union, and in 2005 EASPD opened up its membership basis to service providers coming from the 47 Council of Europe member countries.

EASPD Membership

Karin Dom is on of the Bulgarian organizations, members of the association..

Every Bulgarian organization, which offers services for persons with disabilities can apply for EASPD membership. Learn more on how to apply here.

EASPD memebrs receive up-to-date, comprehensive information on what goes on in Europe and problematics in services for people with disabilities.

Through EASPD activities advocacy and lobbying in Brussels, Strasbourg and throughout Europe, organizations have a voice at European level and thus strengthen their reputation.

Members learn about funding opportunities and receive support to develop and submit their project ideas.

This November, EASPD launched a new tool (only for members) the EU Funding Information System. This new tool gives members access to information and „everything they need to know about funding opportunities from the European Union.“. More about the system here.

Member organizations have access to a wide partners netowrk and an opportunity to exchange best practices, experiences and know-how with similar organisations in other European countries. They can promote their events, projects and views at European level to all our members and partners.

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