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Week-long Intensive Therapy for Children from the Country

23 March 2023

Since February 2023, with the help of the support of the Friends of Bulgaria Association, we started an intensive week-long therapy for families from the country. The therapy is 5 days long and developed according to the individual needs and requirements of each child and their family. A major advantage and benefit of the intensive program is that the therapy takes place in front of the parents and with their participation, thus the family-oriented approach is applied.

After an individual examination and assessment of the child’s needs, the specialists prepare a week-long work program. Depending on the needs, a physiotherapist, psychologist, speech therapist and a social worker may be involved. Involving the family in the therapeutic process, not only as an observer, but also as an active participant, aims to prepare the parents through guidance and advice on how to continue working with the child at home. Each family receives an individualized program for work at home which aims to provide continued support for the child at home and techniques to deal with challenges in the parents’ daily life. If necessary, families have the opportunity to receive additional counseling to monitor development or discuss a case that that they have.

We are happy with the feedback from parents who share that the guidelines on potty training, overcoming aggression, establishing eating habits and establishing a sleep routine have greatly helped them to fully support their children and introduce structure into their daily family lives. Parents also share that thanks to the therapeutic activities, they realize their children’s potential and the need for it to be developed, seeing their children for the first time perform certain actions, focus on a task, speak words, etc.

Some families with experience abroad add that the work methods and techniques applied by Karin Dom’s specialists in their work with children coincide with the ways of work of leading therapists and experts from other countries.

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