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Karin Dom Psychologists Underwent Training on the Application of CBA – Clinical Behavioral Assessment

22 March 2023

The psychologists of Karin Dom underwent a two-day certified training in the application of CBA – Clinical Behavior Assessment. The training was conducted by Hestia Foundation, which owns the rights for training, application and distribution of the tool in Bulgaria. We can now proudly share that our psychologists: Elena Gorcheva, Stefka Tsvetanova, Virginia Vasileva, Evgenia Misheva, Kristina Hristova, Natalie Georgieva and Dimana Miteva have completed the training.

Petya Atanasova was our lecturer – a psychologist with many years of experience in working with children with various difficulties who also took part in the standardization of many psychometric instruments. The lecturer shared with us valuable experience on the application of CBA and the comparison of its results with other diagnostic tools.

Information about the tool:

CBA is a tool for clinical assessment, differential diagnosis and behavioral screening of children and adolescents. It is applicable for children between 2 and 18 years 11 months. It is theoretically based on the diagnostic criteria of DSM-IV and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Interestingly, it allows for assessment by different adults spending time with the child – both parents and carers, and teachers from kindergarten or school. CBA is focused not only on the child’s/adolescent’s clinical problems, but also on their strengths. Thus, based on the results obtained, specialists can prepare an individual plan for development and training, plan effective therapy and evaluate its effect.

This behavioral assessment would contribute to a better understanding of specific behavioral manifestations of children, planning appropriate therapy or referral to more in-depth diagnosis if needed. It can also be used to monitor the progress and effect of the applied therapy.

We thank the donor for the opportunity to participate in this training, recognizing the importance of our team continuing to learn and develop!

We thank Seniomed Varna EOOD with manager Iskra Brou Garcia!

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