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Karin Dom’s Early Intervention Service with a Child-Parent Playgroup

24 March 2023

Play is the main activity for children between 1 and 4 years of age. It is a continuous process that does not require a specific time and place, only a desire. It is spontaneous and brings fun and experience for children and parents. That is why we created the Playgroup with the launch of the Early Intervention Program in 2010 – to stimulate the children’s natural need to play and gain experience.

The Child-Parent Playgroup at the Early Intervention Service is led by early childhood development consultants in a pre-prepared environment at Karin Dom. It is aimed at the children and their parents included in the service and is suitable for children aged 1-3 years. It aims to develop functional communication and adaptive skills.

Is play important?

Through play, children explore the surrounding world, gain new experiences and knowledge, experiment and create. In the group, children develop motor skills, learn to handle objects, begin to better understand and use speech, and learn skills to interact with other children and adults. The habits acquired here are transferred by the children to other situations in everyday life.

Group play harmonizes the relationship between parent and child and at the same time gives the parent the opportunity to see other models for resolving conflict situations, for dealing with age crises and social-emotional problems in the child’s development.

Why join the playgroup?

In playgroups, parents get to know their children in a new and different environment and build a deeper emotional bond with them. They learn how to communicate and how to play with them. They compare how other children of a similar age develop and see patterns of child-parent interaction. This is especially helpful for parents to accept the child’s condition and to share experiences and ideas about coping with other parents.

How to join the playgroup?

Children who are enrolled in the Early Intervention Service of Karin Dom can participate in the group at the discretion of our specialists and after prior registration by phone: 0878 302 518 and 052/302 518. Joining the play group is free and always with the participation of the child’s parents or relatives. Classes are held in the sensor-motor hall of Karin Dom at the following address: Varna, 86A Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd. The leaders of the groups are specialists in early child development from the Early Intervention team of Karin Dom.

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