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We welcome June 1 with a charity children’s exhibition in “Dvoretsa” Balchik

29 May 2023

The charity exhibition of the children from Karin Dom “Sunny Garden” is at the invitation of “Dvoretsa” Balchik and is an exciting holiday for all who take part in it.

Charity exhibition of small artists in “Dvoretsa” Balchik

opening June 1, 2023 from 11 a.m.

“Learning Center for Arts” Hall of SCI CC “Dvoretsa” Balchik

Exhibition period: June 1–14

Canvases can be purchased to support Karin Dom’s therapeutic programs

The wonderful works of children who come for therapy at Karin Dom and their friends aged 3 to 12 include colorful canvases and wool paintings. The art therapists from Karin Dom – Iliyana Dimitrova and Veselina Tincheva worked with the little artists.

“All children worked for the first time on a canvas that is larger in size than the standard block sheet. We used acrylic paints, which give a large range of techniques for applying, spilling, printing and other effects with brushes, balloons and sponges. The theme was flowers, flower garden, sea and sunny spring. Each child made a choice of what color to use for the background and for the main elements that they wanted to include in their work. In this way, we gave the children the right to choose, to explore new materials, textures, fabrics and colors. Thus, children acquire sensory experience, spatial perception of objects and express their inner world.

Through creativity, children express feelings, observations, experiences during the process of creating the work and communicating with the therapist. The process lowers the level of stress and anxiety and supports the acquisition of self-esteem and confidence in one’s own abilities. Communication skills are developed through the interaction with the art therapist and other children when working in a group. Children develop their initiative, enrich their ideas about their inner and outer world and ideas for recreating it. Fine art through various techniques and materials stimulates children’s imagination, which helps them in all spheres of everyday life, in children’s games and in the educational process.” – Veselina Tincheva, art therapist.

The exhibition is for charity and each painting can be purchased to support the therapeutic programs of Karin Dom. The exhibition can be viewed until June 14.

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