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“A Place for Every Child” – an Ambitious Project of Karin Dom to Support the Inclusion of Special Children in Kindergarten

23 April 2021

We are ending the week with a wonderful start to our partnership with “Margaritka” Kindergarten under the project “A Place for Every Child” – part of Karin Dom’s initiatives, which are possible thanks to the “Kahane” Foundation.

“A Place for Every Child” is an ambitious long-term project that aims to provide long-term training and supervision to specialists from 5 kindergartens in Varna.

Through the Karin Dom project, it will be able to support over 400 children in general education kindergartens through the training of 80 specialists working with them in the next 5 years and ensure that every child with special needs receives the necessary individual support.

The planned activities of the project are aimed at guaranteeing a place and individual support for every child with special needs. We are inspired by the individual approach with which the team of  “Margaritka” Kindergarten and their director Mrs. Paraskeva Lutskanova support each child and family. We thank the kindergarten team and its director for embracing the idea and continuing to look for new creative approaches to working with children and adapting the environment in the kindergarten!

“Margaritka” Kindergarten is the first to be included in the project, our other partners in the mission are: “Sun” Kindergarten, “Hristo Botev” Kindergarten, “Forest Tale” Kindergarten – Asparuhovo, “Iglika” Kindergarten – Vinitsa.

“A Place for Every Child” is a project through which we want to support professionals in the field so that they confidently educate and motivate every child.

25 years after its creation, Karin Dom is an organization with a leading role in providing professional services for children with special needs and their families, we develop innovative methods of therapy and stimulate the active involvement of the family in the therapeutic process. Since its establishment, Karin Dom has been actively working to create an effective model for supporting children with special needs in general education kindergartens through educational activities, sharing experience and good practice with specialists working directly with children. We work on inclusion and advocacy policies, to create a supportive educational environment, develop materials for better interaction and education of children with special needs.

We believe that our partnership with kindergartens will have an impact on the inclusion and acceptance of children with special needs, their effective training and future education.

We look forward to the other meetings with the kindergartens and their teams!

About the Kahane Foundation

The Carl Kahane Foundation was established in 1991 by Carl Kahane as an independent, private, non-political and non-religious charitable organization. He is involved in the civil society and NGO sector in Europe, Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa. The mission of the Kahane Foundation is to help people create a dignified and peaceful living environment for themselves and the community.

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