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Partnership between the Kahane Foundation and the Karin Dom Foundation for Providing Innovative Supportive Services to Children with Special Needs and Their Families

In 2020 Karin dom launched a new, long-term and very promising partnership with a large charitable foundation from Switzerland – the Kahane Foundation. Kahane Foundation supports civil society and NGO’s from Europe and other regions in order to create better living conditions for people.

Flagship projects:

1. Mobile Karin dom – to provide quality service for over 250 families in isolated areas via mobile playground equipped for therapy sessions, playdates and family work.

2. Long term training and supervision for 5 kindergartens – to support over 400 children in mainstream kindergarten via training the 80 specialists who work with them in period of 5 years and ensure that each child with special needs gets the support the need in order to be included.

3. Long term training and supervision and capacity building in Varna special school and the team of the Residential care of Dobrich and Varna regions ( 14 residential centres) – staff training and community involvement via volunteers.

4. Centre for family mediated intervention (FMI) – via the FMI we support families of children with severe disabilities, who are struggling not only with the lack of therapy, but also with social isolation, we will work towards empowerment of parents and mental health stability and challenging the negative beliefs and attitudes of institutions and community towards the families with disabled children.

5. Hydrotherapy for the new centre of Karin dom– raising the chances of quality independent living for premature born babies and children with physical disabilities.

6. Trainings and educational events/tool fairs and workshops on quality standards for therapy designed towards children with severe disabilities – cross sectoral approach trainings based on BOBAT, ABA, PECS method – direct investment in over 150 specialists for raising quality of services.

7. Baby box – bridging the gap between the social and healthcare sector, when it comes to early intervention and parenthood. The BabyBox project is inspired by the Finnish model, where each newborn’s family receives the most necessary things for the first month. In our babybox this would include both useful parenting information, breastfeeding consultations and useful contacts and recommendations for parents of special needs children in order to prevent further institutionalization.

About Kahane Foundation:

The Karl Kahane Foundation was established in 1991 by the late Karl Kahane as an independent, privately funded, non-political and non-religious charitable foundation, and is based in Switzerland. It’s involved in Civil Society & NGOs sector across Europe, Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa. Kahane Foundation’s mission is to help people to create a dignified and peaceful living environment for themselves and their neighbours.

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Kahane Foundation, Switzerland

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Borislava Cherkezova
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