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Gardening Adventures

21 April 2021

If you are spending your days in front of a computer, gardening is a great way to disconnect from the screen and relax.
Did you know that caring for plants reduces stress and improves your mood?
That’s why we suggest you get together and spend a day among the plants as volunteers in the fairy garden of Karin Dom. Here, under the expert guidance of the garden staff, you will help with activities that are enjoyable and relaxing, but for which there is not enough manpower. So you will combine the useful with the pleasant: you will help our garden to prepare for the warm months and all the possibilities for events and games for you, your family and friends, while at the same time you will break away from the digital world and work, having fun with friends or your colleagues.

Come every weekday between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. in the garden of Karin Dom
and ask the team in which area they need help.

The activities* we have planned are:

Planting flower beds
Painting the facilities
Cleaning the garden
Each participant must:
* to be dressed in comfortable clothes and appropriate shoes,
* to wear work gloves,
* to provide food and drink for the day.

In order to comply with the Covid-measures**, we will ensure the necessary distance between the volunteers by being distributed in different areas of the garden, however, bring your own protective equipment (masks, gloves, disinfectant).

In order to protect the environment, those wishing to be issued a certificate will receive theirs in electronic format within 3 days after the activities in which they participated.

More information about opportunities to become part of our volunteering activities,
you can find on our page Volunteers,
as well as by joining our Facebook group
Karin Dom Volunteers


* The activities are not suitable for children as sharp objects and tools are involved.
** The state of health is the personal responsibility of each participant – Karin Dom is not responsible for hidden diseases and problems that appeared during the activities in the garden.

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