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Is the Support for Children and Disabled People from Ukraine Effective?

6 July 2022

On July 6, Karin Dom hosted a discussion on the topic: “Is support for children and people with disabilities from Ukraine effective – challenges and possible solutions” in its capacity as the temporary regional office of EASPD Brussels (European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities) regarding refugees from Ukraine. EASPD – European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities is one of the largest and most recognizable organizations in the world when it comes to social inclusion, human rights and equality.

The discussion meeting brought together people working on the front line – Ukrainian refugees, volunteers and civil organizations that support them: Foundation Dokova and Dokov for the Future, Foundation For the Good, Volunteer, ADRA Bulgaria, IRC Dnipropetrovsk Ukraine, Inclusive – Resource Center, Bulgarian Helsinki Committee, Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus-Bulgaria Association, Municipality of Varna, Community Center for Children and Families – Varna Project, Pituitary Association, regional representatives of responsible state institutions.

The goal was to exchange information, experience, share challenges and above all – proposals for possible solutions and desired change in terms of support for people with disabilities from Ukraine. We will combine the results of our discussion meeting into a “live” report that will be presented to the European Commission through the EASPD, as well as the DAB, Council of Ministers.

The meeting was attended by Maya Doneva – General Secretary of EASPD, representatives of the Municipality of Varna, Social Assistance Directorate, Regional Health Inspectorate, volunteers and representatives of the civil sector. We discussed challenges and possible solutions from the perspective of the health and social system.

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