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Karin Dom’s Team Underwent Training on “Recognition of Traumatic Stress and Options for Intervention”

7 July 2022

On June 21 and 28, 2022, the team of the “Karin Dom” Foundation attended a two-day training on the topic “Recognition of traumatic stress and possibilities for intervention”, conducted by Dr. Sevjihan Eyubova – Doctor of Psychology, specialist in clinical psychology and psych diagnostics of disorders in child development.

The training was designed to raise the awareness of professionals regarding traumatic stress and the impact of trauma on child development and the well-being of families fleeing and surviving the war in Ukraine, which the Karin Dom Foundation is actively supporting through various activities in this difficult situation. During the training for Karin Dom specialists, Dr. Eyubova demonstrated techniques for acquiring professional practical skills for socio-psychological support of children and parents who survived war.

The training modules included topics such as:

  • Traumatic stress – essence and manifestations in different age groups;
  • Consequences of trauma and impact of trauma on child development and family well-being;
  • Specifics of working with persons (adults and children) who have experienced traumatic stress;
  • Possibilities for intervention in traumatic stress and occupational risk management.

In recent months, the Karin Dom team of specialists has been actively working with Ukrainian families, victims of the military actions in Ukraine. The training he received undoubtedly enriched his knowledge and skills to provide full assistance to these vulnerable groups.

Training for parents on the same topic is also to be held in an attempt to address the stress experienced by what is happening in Ukraine and the subsequent flight across the border and seeking asylum in a foreign country, as well as providing skills for parents to work with their children to childhood trauma relief.

The trainings are held within the framework of the partnership between the BCause Foundation: In aid of the charity and the Karin Dom Foundation under the project Support for children and families from Ukraine, including children with special needs, to overcome the trauma of war

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