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A volunteer motivation meeting

1 October 2018

Through a series of meetings with the volunteers involved in the project “Creativity and Volunteering in Karin Dom”, we tried the young people to look boldly in the social environment and through volunteering to find an answer to the question – How can I help?

On September 28, the director of Karin Dom – Maya Doneva held a motivational meeting, attended by young people with special needs, the parents of children who enjoy therapy at Karin Dom and young people who want to volunteer.

We talked about social issues in education, health, in the fields of ecology, art and culture, leisure. We have identified the problems that surround us in every aspect of life and we looked for solutions that make life brighter, better. Ideas were transformed into plans, motivation – on standby. Questions have become more and more and with them the belief that volunteering is not just a word.

At the end of July, we started the project and started with introducing and developing the culinary skills of the young people and taste the Bulgarian in the culinary workshop, continued with the improvement of the gardening skills and prepared for the winter with the knitting of warm and soft blankets during the creative workshops.

And now at the end of September was the last meeting of the volunteer team, but not the end of this adventure. Because volunteering is an inner necessity and a way to express your empathy and ideas.

The project of Karin Dom is implemented with the financial support of the Municipality of Varna – Activity “Youth Projects 2018” and aims to increase the motivation, inspiration and social responsibility of the young people, as well as to focus public attention on the topic of social missions and the work of civic organizations.

Photos: Karin Dom

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