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Innovative training through assistive technology with vision control

1 October 2018

One of Karin Dom’s very successful projects in 2018 is “Communication and innovative education of children with special needs through assistive technology with vision control”, implemented thanks to the funding of International Women’s Club – Sofia. Through this project, we have been able to incorporate into the therapy of children a very demanding and desirable both from our parents and from our team innovative training, which is not yet developed in Bulgaria.

Through this project in innovative training through assisted technology with vision control in 2018, 15 children with special needs (child cerebral palsy, multiple disabilities, autism and other communicative difficulties) were included. We have begun working to improve the vision control and accuracy, to retain awareness, to build a relationship between cause and effect, to improve understanding of instructions, to follow a sequence of action, and to provoke a communication initiative and communication by choosing symbols or writing words or phrases that the program pronounces.

For some children, the only way to communicate remains this technology that needs to be learned from an early age. For our kids, this technology is a step forward in communication and the ability to reach speech communication.

Video: Kristian

Video: Magi

Video: Bojidara

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