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Children’s Birthday Parties and Garden Parties at Karin Dom

26 April 2017

With the warm weather also comes the want of big and small for fun outdoor activities. The garden at Karin Dom is a wonderful place for holding great birthday party for your child. Surely, the beautiful nature, two playgrounds and fresh air in the heart of the Sea Garden of Varna, will make the party a memorable and fun event for all. The garden of Karin Dom gives you the opportunity to expand your imagination and to organize the fun for the kids according to their wishes. You can make the dream of your child come true by spending a day of joy and excitement with all their friends among nature.

And for the grown up children, Karin Dom gives the opportunity for holding garden parties, team buildings, picnics and other events.

Children’s birthday Parties at Karin Dom – 2 hours

  • Up to 10 children – 8 BGN per child
  • For every additional child – 6 BGN
  • For every additional hour – 50 BGN per hour
  • Minimal price -80 BGN for holding the party
  • For providing of barbeque one time fee of 30 BGN

Garden parties at Karin Dom – two hours

  • To 20 adults – 8 BGN per person
  • For every additional person – 6 BGN per person
  • For every additional hour – 50 BGN per person
  • Minimal price 80 BGN for holding the party
  • For providing of barbeque one time fee of 30 BGN .

We have two playgrounds, a wonderful garden and a lawn, kitchen equipped with fridge, stove and oven and microwave.

All prices for holding events help Karin Dom to provide high quality therapy for children with special needs. Additionally, Karin Dom presents a Contract for Donation for all raised funds. Our Organization is registered with the “Central register of non-profit corporate bodies in carrying out socially useful activity” which allows our donors, Bulgarian citizens and companies, to benefit from tax deductions.

For detailed information you can contact us on +359 52 302 517 or email: