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Christmas Charity Campaign in Support of Karin Dom Children’s Fund

9 November 2023

Thank you!

Thanks to the efforts of donors and responsible companies, events such as “Today You are the Enlightener” and the successful Christmas campaign, the proceeds to the Children’s Fund in 2023 are BGN 57,000. The amount collected will allow us to provide complex therapy for 12 children and occupational therapy for 20 children by the end of the therapeutic year – June 2024.

Dear friends,

We are sure that you are already looking forward to the traditional Christmas campaign, which every year reaches more and more friends of Karin Dom, people and companies who want to support children.

This year we have tried again to offer you attractively designed cards and calendars, as well as Christmas gift suggestions. This year, our friends, artists and young people, participated in the campaign again, and provided their original works exclusively for Karin Dom!

Check out our catalog of all cards, calendars, fun wishes, Christmas toys and warm scarves!

Christmas Catalogue 2023

Take a Look at Karin Dom’s Online Family Store

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Every child has the right to a happy childhood! Social entrepreneurship makes it possible thanks to all of you!

And this year our traditional calendar is dedicated to Social Entrepreneurship and our joint work together with parents and volunteers for inspiring products with a cause. Each month we will introduce one of the products with a cause, through which you can support the Karin Dom Children’s Fund.

Social entrepreneurship is a way for us to be closer to you – all our partners and like-minded people! Karin Dom’s team, together with parents of children with special needs, volunteers and friends are the social entrepreneurs who create products with a cause for a better future.

Karin Dom’s calendar for 2024:

  • Desk calendar – pyramid, 22/15 cm;
  • Inspiring photos with the children in Karin Dom by Gergana Encheva
  • Bilingual – in Bulgarian and English
  • With an additional “Today I’m Grateful For” page for each month.


July – the lovely Presi

Today I am grateful for: And we thank everyone who joined this campaign! We thank the children who participated in the photo session, all who painted, the photographer Gergana Encheva and for the calendar design to Protema EOOD.



Designer cards

Steli Chakarova – an artist and graphic designer and a person with boundless imagination, who has managed to preserve her inner child. She is a friend of Karin Dom and the author of three designer cards painted with love especially for the campaign. Stelly’s new cards are:

Mr. Christmas


Залезът преди Коледа


Youth participation

Two Christmas cards were created by young people who were part of the “My Message in My Language!” project under the “Youth Projects 2023” program of the “Education and Youth Activities” Directorate of the Municipality of Varna. One of the goals of this Karin Dom project was to provoke young people to be active, to get involved in creative workshops and learn more about social entrepreneurship.

Zhanaya Riskyova, 14 years old and Beloslava Valcheva, 15 years old are graduates of the National School of Arts “Dobri Hristov” – Varna, specialty “Fine Arts”.

Zhanaya Riskova, 14 – Happy holidays

Beloslava Valcheva, 15 – Rudolph


The children in Karin Dom painted together with Denitsa Dimitrova (Deny Grey)

Scent of Home

In 2015 Denitsa won first place in the “International Festival – Veliko Tarnovo”. She participated for two years in “Art Rosaliada”, Veliko Tarnovo, and in 2018 she also held a solo exhibition.

At Karin Dom, Denny painted together with the children, who had a lot of fun experimenting with brushes and paints. You can order her Scent of Home card which is part of the campaign.

For many more wonderful cards, check out the Christmas Catalogue 2023

Take a look at Karin Dom’s Family Online Store

Prices of the offers included in the charity campaign:

  • Christmas card complete with envelope: BGN 2.00
  • For more than 500 cards: BGN 1.50.
  • Calendar pyramid – BGN 10
  • Christmas lucky charms 15 pcs.– BGN 3.00/set

Delivery: Order your cards and calendars until December 15, 2023 with delivery by Econt. For the orders placed, Karin Dom can issue an invoice or a Donation Agreement. How to order? We accept orders from all over the country. Email us at or contact us by phone at 052 302 518, 088/ 4032 826 – Boryana Parveva and 0879/940 743 – Veneta Mileva.

Christmas at your office: We can provide stock of cards and calendars as well as our donation box on site at your office. Thus, employees will be able to choose at their own pace, and the working atmosphere will become more festive.

About Karin Dom’s campaign

Dear friends, the proceeds from this Christmas campaign will support the Children’s Fund of Karin Dom, through which we will strive to ensure the financial sustainability of the therapeutic and social services we offer for children from 0 to 8 years old and their families. The idea was presented to partners and friends during the event “Today you are the ENLIGHTENER!”, which was held in Karin Dom on the eve of the Day of the National Enlighteners. We are happy that many companies have recognized the cause and have already supported the fund.

We know the early years are the most important and we can’t wait!

We have a duty to support children as early as possible. We created CHILDREN’S FUND – Karin Dom to guarantee more children’s smiles and more happy families.

  • Because we believe in the success and future of children with different abilities
  • Because children cannot wait and we must support them from an early age
  • Because it is important to have the sustainability of the services that help children take their first steps, communicate, learn and play in kindergarten and school with his peers
  • Because every year Karin Dom has to provide funding for the therapy of the children, which are growing in numbers every year
  • Because we invest in children’s futures and their success and want more children to receive quality therapeutic services.

Because childhood cannot wait!

Support the CHILDREN’S FUND of Karin Dom.

Join now!

You can support our efforts by joining the Christmas Campaign or by donating:


Account holder: Karin Dom Foundation

Description: Donation to CHILDREN’S FUND

IBAN: BG88STSA93001527462744 BIC: STSABGSF

With a one-time or monthly donation HERE

More information about the initiative.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a healthy and successful New Year!

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