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We are Creating Karin Dom’s “Children’s Fund”. Because Childhood Cannot Wait!

1 November 2023

“Nothing starts with you and ends with you, but you can change something along the way”

– Ivan Stanchov, diplomat and philanthropist, founder of the Karin Dom Foundation

We are creating a “CHILDREN’S FUND” to ensure the financial sustainability of services for children and families.

Karin Dom is an innovative complex for social services for children, which offers comprehensive support from an early age. Karin Dom is one of the first civil organizations in our country, founded in 1996. Each year we offer professional services and therapy to 350-400 children and families across the country and are proud of their successes. Our team is there for families from their most difficult moments to their most important achievements.

Karin Dom’s “CHILDREN’S FUND” – Because we believe in the success and future of children with different abilities:

  • Because children cannot wait. Our results show that 30% of children included in our programs from the earliest age overcome their developmental delay and do not need additional future support.
  • Because it is important to have sustainability of the services that help children take their first steps, communicate, learn and play in kindergarten and school with peers.
  • Because every year, Karin Dom has to provide funding for the therapy of children, which are growing in numbers every year.
  • Because we invest in the future of children and their successes.
  • For more children and families to receive quality therapeutic services.

Support the “CHILDREN’S FUND” of Karin Dom. Because childhood cannot wait!

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How to support us?

  • By donation:


Account holder: Karin Dom Foundation. Description: Donation to “CHILDREN’S FUND”

IBAN: BG88STSA93001527462744


  • Marketing with a cause – joint product campaigns with companies supporting Karin Dom
  • Individual donation – monthly donations by payroll
  • Become a friend of the social enterprise – join the regular and year-round campaigns!
  • Volunteer initiatives – you can support the campaigns with voluntary work. Become part of our initiatives together with your colleagues!

For more information, contact our team at email: and phone 052 302 518.

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