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Karin Dom will present The Family Store “Less is more” in Sofia

21 January 2019

Karin Dom will present products from the Family Store at the Bazaar “Less is More” in Sofia on 16 and 17 February in Serdika Center (level -1). This is the IV edition of the Social Entrepreneurship Market, organized by the Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law (BCNP).

This year, 13 civil organizations from across the country will present their products and will tell more about their cause and entrepreneurial ideas. The bazaar will also include: Maria’s World Foundation, I CAN TOO, Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds/ BirdLife Bulgaria, Center for Non-Formal Education and Cultural Activities ALOS, Concordia Bulgaria Foundation, NATIONAL ALLIANCE FOR WORKING WITH VOLUNTEERS, WWF Bulgaria, The Social Teahouse, “Parallel World” Association, Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation, Association for Support of Persons with Mental Disabilities, Varna Association of Protection of Lovech – Day Center.

What can you expect during the bazaar? First of all, a lot of mood, pleasant emotions and products created with meaning embodying the cause of each of the organizations.

You can choose from handmade candles and soaps, cards, badges and souvenirs, fragrant tea and farm products, eco bags and hand-knit scarves and blankets, pieces of pottery and wood carving, jewelry, martenitsi and more products charged with love.

We are waiting for you at the Bazaar! Like and Share the event with your friends on Facebook FROM HERE!

It is important to know that the manufacture of the majority of products that will present the “Family store” of Karin Dom include families with whom we work in Karin Dom, volunteers, our friends designers, photographers and artists in various fields.

All proceeds from the sales of the “Family Store” of Karin Dom are in support of our therapeutic activity.

Check out our offers at the Social Business Market! It matters where you shop. Choose quality things made with meaning. Just like what’s in the “Family Store” of Karin Dom.

You can look and order from our products and online from here!

We started with a little financial capability and a lot of enthusiasm, we started with a few products, but we brought in a lot of new friends to continue to realize many new ideas. At the “Little is a lot” you will see part of our realized ideas, for our new suggestions, please follow our website –

Our team is confident that with a lot of hard work, energy and adherents, we will be able to turn our entrepreneurial idea into a workable model for financing the children’s care at Karin Dom and a source that we can rely on in long term. But this model of work will also support parents, who will be able to directly support their child’s therapies, learn new skills and, last but not least, meet similar souls to share their concerns and successes, build friendships and find ways in a difficult life situation. Our parents need to receive and to give support. We are happy that the parents believed in our idea and embraced this initiative, investing a lot of time, effort and talent!

The bazaar is part of the “Entrepreneurship for non-profit organizations” BCNP that happens with the support of America for Bulgaria in partnership with TELUS International Bulgaria and UniCredit Bulbank. Media partners: Bulgarian National Television. BNT, Bloomberg TV Bulgaria, Capital, OFFNews, BNR – Bulgarian National Radio, Darik Radio, NGO Portal, The Woman Today and with the kind hospitality of Serdika Center.

We are expecting you!

Photos: Karin Dom

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