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Martenichkova Campaign 2019 of Karin Dom

22 January 2019

Dear friends,

We launch Martenichkova Campaign 2019 with a lot of enthusiasm and we turn to all of you again to join and support our efforts. Each year, many friends, parents, volunteers, the Karin Dom team and our special children, who also help in the preparation of martenichkite, participate in the campaign. All martenitsas are handmade, mostly with natural materials and with great care to please you and contribute to the pleasant atmosphere of the holiday. In our Martenitsa workshop, the parents of the children who visit the Karin Dom are very actively involved.

Here’s how you can help us:

1. By making martenitsi and bring them at place in Karin Dom or send them to: St. Nicholas, PK 104, Varna 9010, “For Martenichkova Campaign 2019” by February 20th.

2. By joining a volunteer to make martenitsas at our place in Karin Dom or in your office with your colleagues if your company’s policy encourages volunteer initiatives;

3. Companies that plan to delight their partners, customers or employees with traditional handmade martenitsa can also support us by buying from our martenitsi.

4. If you are planning a charity initiative or a bazaar on Baba Marta, you can contact us and join the cause of Karin Dom.

What will the money collected from the sale of the martenitsas be used for?

In 2018 Karin Dom launched a “Family-Mediated Intervention Center”, which introduced an innovative service for Bulgaria in which the family is the driving force based the recognition of its strengths and competencies. The centre provides support to families of children with special needs from 2 to 7 years in order to improve the development of the child and the quality of life of the family. The method is based on the successful experience of specialists at the University of Oregon, USA. It has been applied for five years in Europe and for the first time in Bulgaria. The project is unique in the country and started with the financial support of the Social Protection Fund at the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. After the end of the project in late 2018, Karin Dom is forced to look for other funding opportunities in order to continue the therapeutic work of the Center for Family-Mediated Intervention.

Where can you find our martenitsas? Expect the martenitsas of Karin Dom very soon in:

1. The Family Store of Karin House HERE. In 2018 we launched our new venture, which we called the “Family Shop”. We started with a lot of desire and attractive products that can reach each of you through our online store. Very soon you will be able to order from the martenitsas of Karin Dom.

2. In our place at Varna, St. Nicholas (in the Sea Garden, behind the Parkmark Supermarket)

3. So Fresh Healthy Foods at the following addresses:

– So Fresh Sevastopol – Varna, 16 Slivnitsa Blvd. – in front of Cherno More hotel

– So Fresh GrandMall – Varna, 2, Andriy Sakharov Str. – Grand Mall Varna – floor 2 – to the children’s playground

– So Fresh ParkMart – Varna, Primorski park Blvd II 482 (Parkmart Supermarket)

How can you contact us?

You can contact us at number: 052/302 518 or email:

Follow our campaign on Facebook too! Share with friends!

For us Baba Martha is a very special holiday that we celebrate with the children in Karin Dom and through our campaign together with all of you who support us with a wish for health and many children’s smiles! Thank you!

Photo: Zvezdi Patare

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