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Improving the quality of life and social integration of children in foster care

The process of deinstitutionalization puts society and the state in a new challenge – to provide and ensure high quality and affordable services tailored to the individual needs of each child. The closure of institutions in Bulgaria is a prerequisite for the creation and development of alternative services and forms of care – a family-type accommodation centre, shelters, social rehabilitation and integration centres, and housing in foster families.
As a consequence of the deinstitutionalization process in Bulgaria, the number of foster children supported by Karin Dom increased. When supported, the foster parent feels confident and calm and uses the acquired knowledge and skills to develop the child’s potential, thus increasing the child’s chances of adoption.
Lack of adequate funding for services is a significant obstacle to introducing and delivering a full range of quality services to the growing number of children with special needs in foster care.

Purpose of the project

Thanks to the project, Karin Dom will continue to offer high-quality therapy to 4 foster children, developed according to their individual condition and needs. The aim of this project is to continue supporting this vulnerable group and provide additional therapeutic sessions meeting their specific needs by working with children to further improve their social and communicative skills. The project aims to give children better chances for full participation in community life and adoption through the provision of a complete set of services over a one-year period.

Project activities

The children involved in the project have different conditions: cerebral palsy, complex and intensive support needs, motor impairment, or developmental delays.

The individual service package for this project includes:

– Assessing the needs of the child and the family;
– Development of an individual therapeutic plan for the child according to his / her needs;
– Individual and/or group sessions with physiotherapist, speech therapist, psychologist, special pedagogue, music therapist;
– Using the “Toys Library”;
– Psychological support and trainings for parents how to successfully apply the methods and approaches recommended by specialists for therapy and at home;
– Consultation of the parent with a social worker;
– Mutual activities with other children and parents for social integration;
– Transport to and from Karin Dom, if necessary.


The services provided to 4 foster carers with special needs and their families during the project period will lead to the following results:

• For children – positive development in the motor, cognitive, communicative and social sphere, acquiring self-help skills; better opportunities for social and educational inclusion and adoption. The Project activities contribute to better adaptation of children in the kindergartens, which will improve their social integration and quality of life.

• For parents – gaining greater confidence and skills to support the development of the child. Training of parents and their inclusion in groups provide opportunities for mutual support and potentially reduce parental stress.

The project also has an impact on foster care by supporting foster parents’ efforts to care for children with special needs. Children in foster care who are receiving quality services from an early age have a better chance of adoption and full life.

Solvay Company has been present in Bulgaria since 1997 and has around 600 employees in 5 factories / administrative sites. The company supports the therapy of children and the initiatives of Karin Dom since the first years of the establishment of the centre.



Implementation period

January - December 2018

Financed by

Solvay Sodi AD

Contact person

Veneta Mileva
телефон: 0879940743