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Karin Dom Sent Off This Year’s Graduates

29 July 2021

July 27th this year passed with much excitement,
smiles, guests and positive emotions!

It is always with great excitement and joy that we celebrate the sending off of our little heroes who take the next big step and take more confident and brave new beautiful journeys, fulfilling one of the big dreams of their parents and our team – to be with their peers.

This year we sent 9 young graduates, of which 3 children enter general education schools and 4 in special schools.

The children delighted their parents and our special guests with songs and smiles, and Letty brought out the story of “The Home of the Red-breasted” from her wonderful Theater in a Suitcase. We rejoiced together as a sign of the children’s successful graduation, for which they received diplomas and awards, and the parents surprised the Karin Dom team with gifts with messages about kindness, love, patience and knowledge.

We from the Karin Dom team sincerely thank the parents for trusting us and our therapists, for the patience and support towards the children in recent years and for getting to know the hometown, history and holidays together, learning letters and numbers together, drawing, counting and we played in the middle of Montessori until we reach that important moment in the children’s lives – the threshold of school.

In their address to the children, the parents, the team and all the guests, Borislava Cherkezova and the Ambassador of Italy to Bulgaria, Giusepina Dzara, thanked the children for their efforts, and the parents for their great trust and faith in our specialists and wished them always smiling and confident to cope with the challenges and fulfill their dreams in the future.

“4 years ago, when they came, they spoke their first words to me, and today they sang songs and recited poems all by themselves.”

~ Ani Morfova, speech therapist ~



Children and their parents have come a long way with small and big victories and we will always be with you, we will rejoice in your successes, we will be happy to see you grown up and confident again. We hope you will visit us again to share your good experience with other parents.

Good luck!

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