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DIY Workshop (Do It Yourself)

28 September 2021

What’s behind the expression “Get it through your hands”?
What are art therapy and occupational therapy?
And how creative activities help both children,
and parents to rediscover something new?
And even make it their profession?

Vesi Tincheva – Specialist in social activities, trainer and
Iliyana Dimitrova – Social activities associate from the team of Karin Dom are certified specialists in art therapy and occupational therapy and helped the participants in the project “Active Youth for a Sustainable Future” to understand the emotion of the activities with volunteers and parents with children visiting Karin Dom. Conducting both individual and group activities, including parenting workshops and art activities for children with Down syndrome, Vesi and Iliana presented the concept of art therapy and how it can become a tool for forming parent collectives and volunteer groups for mutual support and support of the activities of a charitable cause.

During the workshop, the youth developed and prepared both beautiful wool paintings and kits for enjoyable creative family time, as a result of developing product concepts from the previous project workshops.

Steli Chakarova assisted in the development of a calendar, presenting inclusive education as an important part of the interaction between the non-governmental sector and the community in support of a better future for children.

And during the Biggest Family Outdoor Painting in the yard of Karin Dom, the participants got involved in presenting products from the family store, working with children and preparing Christmas cards.

The project is supported by the “Youth Projects 2021” program of the Municipality of Varna
and aims for young people to see opportunities in the non-governmental sector
for personal and professional growth, for changing attitudes,
to improve the environment, to advocate
and an active civic role and position.

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