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June 15, “I Am an Advocate for My Child” – a Free Webinar for Parents

30 May 2022

Karin Dom invites you to a webinar on the topic: “I am an advocate for my child.”

Free webinar for advocacy of parents and relatives raising a child with special needs.

When: June 15, 2022 from 1:30 to 3:00 pm

Where: Online on Zoom

Dear parents, ready for change, we invite you to an online training on the topic: “I am an advocate for my child.” The training will be facilitated by Dr. Nikoleta Yoncheva – speech therapist and hearing and speech rehabilitator and Bistra Boncheva – social teacher.

What are we going to discuss:


  • What is empowerment and what changes can it lead to?
  • How to change attitudes from the perception “The problem is within me” to “The solution depends on me”?
  • What can I change? How to share?
  • The story of a parent or please talk about your child.
  • The algorithm of a successful story
  • What is the next step?

Advocacy – how an already empowered parent becomes an advocate for the rights of their child

  • How to become an advocate for your child – tools for goal setting and social inclusion;
  • How to support a cause – personal and public? Opportunities for campaigns in support of a cause;
  • Social entrepreneurship – a business that solves social problems.

To join the event you need to register HERE!


Magdalena Tsoneva – Training Center Manager

Phone: 0878 302 517, e-mail:

In 2022 we continue with the topics in support of parents. At the disposal of the parents is also the Digital Video Library of Karin Dom, where you can more easily and at a time convenient for you, watch selected training prepared by the specialists of Karin Dom!

  • You will also find video training modules for professionals and parents related to early childhood development, inclusive education and innovative practices to stimulate the development of young children.
  • You will find free videos and resources, as well as our “10 minutes especially for you” section.

Our team continues to work on the content of the Library, to develop and enrich it, so that we are always up to date with the topics that interest you. Register and choose the topic that is important to you! Proceeds from the Library support the cause of Karin Dom.

The webinar is held within the implementation of Project: Transfer of practices to improve support for children with special needs and their families for inclusive education, funded by the Active Citizens Fund of Bulgaria under the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021.

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